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Fixed Grados!!!

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Alright, maybe I'm making a bigger deal of this than I should, but my Grados had developed grattle, and partially because I always think I'm good, and partially because I like to figure things out for myself I took them apart and at first I just re-wired them because one of the wires was breaking. But, that didn't fix it, just stopped it from progressing. Sooo... I was up until about 1:00 AM last night poking around, and I got them ALL the way apart, and found that grattle is produced by the diaphragm developing creases. I managed to get those out, put my cans back together, and they work great. I don't know of anyone ever taking apart Grados, so should I post pics? (Hopefully I won't do anything to them in the taking-apart process if pics are wanted....)

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You knew this question had to be coming: How the heck did you get the creases out of the transducers?
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Judicator, congratulations! If your fix does indeed work, it will have solved one of the ongoing mysteries of this community .....................the dreaded Grattle!

I, for one, would love to see the innards of these things.......I just hope you know what you're doing if you decide to take them apart again and post pics of the procedure. Thanks.
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Oh yeah, I should congratulate you too on your fix-it skills!

But, still, I'm very curious to know how you removed the creases, and also how many creases there were.
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Count me in !! Pictures please.

I'd love to see the insides of YOUR Grados.
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One question for a newbie please! what the **** is Grattle???!
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Originally posted by davidcotton
One question for a newbie please! what the **** is Grattle???!
I believe "grattle" is a term developed by some Grado users back on HeadWize to describe a condition that occasionally pops up with Grados, in which a rattle-ish noise afflicts one or both of the drivers during loud play and/or bass notes.

Note to self: Glossary sub-forum might be a good idea.
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To get the crinkles out, I just took a pin, stuck it through the black cloth on the back, through the air-holes, and made darn sure not to put any holes in the diaphragm. There were crinkles pretty much between every rib in the diaphragm.

Here is the phones, all together. :-)

Here is the Insides, with the back off

Here is the Diaphragm (Really the insides)
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Anyway.... I'm going to Florida for a week (FBLA Competition) so if anyone has any other questions, the best way that I can think of to get ahold of me is to e-mail me through hotmail. (pyrojudicator@hotmail.com) And, of course, thanks guys for the props. I'm just glad my cans work again.

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Grado Surgery is a Good Thing.

A few have been here before (just don't say 'butterknife') but your tub is cleeeeen.

How did you open them? I don't see any scarring from a pry tool, and looks like you already peeled most of the glue out. So when you get back, detail your disassembly technique.
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Sheesh, all I had to do was blow compressed air into my Grados to get rid of the grattle...
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Sheesh, all I had to do was blow compressed air into my Grados to get rid of the grattle...
But chych, that's like a doctor telling a patient to take two aspirins and call in the morning........too simple. Besides, with your prescription, we wouldn't be able to look at the cool pictures of Grado surgical procedures!
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Inhumane treatment of Grados, I say! Where was the anesthetic?
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My grados also have a loose connection but I'm afraid to open it as I'm no DIYer. Please could you send me your pix as I can't see the ones you posted.

Thanks, Chewy
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What exactly are we looking at? Is that whole thing including the tire looking ring the diaphragm? Or is it just the circular, quarter-sized center piece? Or both?
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