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Proton Stereo Receivers?

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I'm looking into purchasing a stereo receiver this week and came across a Proton 930 Stereo Receiver.

(info from Proton-USA.com)
In 1984, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, PROTON introduced its first home audio component, the 930 stereo AM/FM digital receiver with FM tuner circuitry designed by Larry Shotz. Like all PROTON home audio components to follow, the 930 was designed to complement Proton’s video system in appearance and performance.

Is anyone familiar with this brand/particular model stereo receiver? If you've owned a Proton receiver, or knew someone who used one - could you post your thoughts? I just contacted the seller and he said Proton is similar to NAD electronics. And I only need a very basic receiver as it will be used in my bedroom (therefore no need for remote control or too many inputs), so it looks like it will be decent.
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I think Proton's amps used to be made by NAD. Not sure if they still are.
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Thanks Sschell.

If I purchase it tomorrow, I'll be sure to post some pictures.
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Sure looks like that box came from a NAD parts bin, but then I think there was still another company that used the same-looking parts yet independently designed their electronics. At any rate, Proton of that era has a good reputation for solid engineering in my book, although I don't know where the company stands these days.
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My mother had a Proton clock/radio from that era. It had binding posts in the back for an external speaker. And it did sound like a MUCH larger radio, with excellent full-range sound.

Anyway, it was sort of the the "Kloss Model 1" radio of it's day, with an alarm. Of course the Advent radio was the Kloss Model 1 of it's day, literally, but this radio was on par with that. And yes, it screamed "NAD", though I have never learned definitively about Proton's provenance.

If you can get a good price on the unit, I'd give it a shot.
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My cousin was a big fan of Proton gear in the mid 80s. I think he had a tuner and a cassette deck... anyone remember those .

I know their amps were pretty conservatively rated, and the car audio amps I had at that time were very well made.

I have no experience with that particular model though.
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Yes Proton used to make good quality stuff. My mom still has an old 36" TV from them that is at least 16 yrs old.
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Here are some photos attached - so far it's sounding great on headphones. And I ended up paying $50.00 for the receiver. Interestingly, there's a "loudness" switch on the receiver which boosts the bass/mids.

Attachment 9370

Attachment 9371

Attachment 9372

Attachment 9373
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That green power button and overall clean appearance does scream "NAD", sure enough. Glad it sounds good. You could do a lot worse for a $50 headphone amp.

Plus, you can drive a pair of speakers if you wish.
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$50.00 for that Proton receiver?

You can easily double your money if you-resell it. Proton, along with NAD, were known for the dynamic headroom their amps can provide. I remember the old Stereo Review testing either a 40 or 50 watts/channel Proton amp and discovering it can delivering well over 400 watts for musical peaks!
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Originally Posted by soundboy View Post
I remember the old Stereo Review testing either a 40 or 50 watts/channel Proton amp and discovering it can delivering well over 400 watts for musical peaks!
And if it was Sony or Pioneer, they then would slap a big [400watts] badge on the faceplate, right near the power button.
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Wow nice score!!

Is that a coax/toslink optical input? It could tripple-up as a DAC, headphone amp and multi-source preamp all in 1.

Please feel free to post pics of the inside too if you like. I'm curious what DAC chip is uses and OP amps are on the output side.
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