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Singlepower Upgrade/Warranty Repairs?

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Roughly how long has it taken you to get your amps back from SP either from an upgrade or warranty repair?

I spoke with an gentleman this afternoon and he said within about 6 weeks or so they could get the amps back out. This would essentially take them out of commission for about two months, counting shipping.

Does the two months sound about right?

I initially called to order the adapters and some tubes, but was informed that since my amp is in its original configuration, that it would need a heater? I think he said. Anyways, he said that without the doo-hicky upgrade, that the unit might overheat in the long run. And plus, the Slam upgrade's price was basically the same as if I ordered the adapters and tubes, only.

My transformer makes a slight humming noise so I figured I'd get that repaired if I send the unit in for an upgrade. The only problem is I don't know if I can stomach the thought of being without the amp for two months. The humming's not that bad and it's my one and only dedicated headamp.


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I'm interested in the upgrade/repair time as well... I'm considering adding a second output and volume control, which should be a quick and easy mod. Honestly, it's not worth it for me if it's 2 months... and even at that, there's no guarantee
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I have an amp in for mods and some repairs. I was also told it would take about 2 months. I think it is a situation where warranty work is squeezed into the normal production schedule. Having more than one rig has made it a little easier to handle for me but I can imagine the distress if you are not in the same boat.
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