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Pioneer Headphones???

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the Pioneer SEDJ5000

what are these? why haven't they ever been mentioned before? because they're crap? or what?
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Uh oh! they have the DJ letters of death in their name!
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they look cooool!
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yeah, they're pretty
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damn they're ugly cans!

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Never heard them, but a friend of mine told me they doesn't sound too bad... (told me it was in the same class of Technics DJ 1200 headphone)

They have a little cushion on the right earcup to facilitate one-ear monitoring (you can rest the earcup on your shoulder)...they seem quite handy for DJ use...
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I head a pair a while ago (Pioneer, not sure of the model unfortunately). They were fairly expensive cans (>$80). Sound was bad. Bass was loud, but the MDR-V300 have just as much. Voices were nasty, very quiet and not clear. Treble was the same, seemed very distant and unclear.

On the plus side, they gripped your hear no matter what. Very good for one ear monitoring. It's definitely a DJ product.
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Don't be surprised by Pioneer ... Back in the 1970s, Pioneer even made a pair of Electrostatic headphones (that I used to own). They were great - one of the best cans I ever had.
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