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HD555/H595 mod

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I'm not sure if anyone has done this mod before but I'll post here anyway.

I've thought of this idea of removing the inner grill after I realized HD650 does not have inner grill. I guess the reason they placed an additional grill in HD555 is to control the sound leakage. Since I mainly use the headphone in my room, so here goes the mod...

The casing

Inner grill removed

Mod done

However, I couldn't comment on the changes of sounds due to this mod as I've also recabled my HD555 and changes my set up. It sounded quite different from what it used to be, especially the bass seems to have more room to blast off (?) Not sure if I'm using the correct term, but it's sort of airy kind of feelings :P

With the see-through effects of the casing, it's looks really cool to me now
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If nothing else, it looks pretty cool.
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Wow cool mod! I'm surprised there hasn't been more mods for the HD555, seeing as they aren't too expensive and I'm sure they're highly moddable.
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To those complaining about the soundstage of the HD595, you might also want to try this mod.
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Loved the mod :P
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how do you remove the outer grill on the hd 595s? and also is this reversable.
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Just to be clear, you actually cut the entire inner structure of the headphone out, right? Definitely not reversible. Definitely reduces the strength of the headphone.

Regarding the question about removing the cosmetic outer grille: it has to be removed from the inside. It has little tabs that stick through slots and are bent over to secure the grille.
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Yeap, the inner grills are part of the casing

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Thanks ZBWU. Great photos. I like your modification; I'm just concerned that the bowl shaped grille part you cut out is the major structural element of the cups. Not a problem for normal home use because you still have the strength of the driver baffle, but it will definitely reduce the strength of the headphones -- something to think about if you are knocking around with them. A simpler mod might be to just remove the outer cosmetic grilles.

I would recommend a less "invasive" modification that accomplishes the same thing acoustically. Both the inner and outer grilles are invisible to bass wavelengths. However, there is tendency for the 595 (and presumably the 555) to have some upper and mid frequency reflections -- basically as the higher frequency wavelengths bounce around inside the cup off of all the edges and hard surfaces.

I took thin sheets of acoustic foam (about 1/8th inch thick) -- you could order HD580 replacement foams for this or buy Radio Shack replacement earpads and cut them up with scissors. I applied the foam to all of the interior surfaces of the 595 cups including the inner grill and the surrounding surfaces. The only places you have to avoid are the three screw-posts and the two locating pins that stick up in ZBWU's photo above. You also have to avoid the flat shelf that runs around the perimeter of the cup from about 12 o'clock to 4 o'clock in the photo above -- the driver baffle sits flush on top of this.

To attach the foam, just lightly brush the plastic surface with a little rubber cement. It's enough to tack the foam down, but easily removable after it dries.

I started with as big a piece of foam as I could covering the inner grill and then just worked around the edges, cutting little bits and pieces of foam to fit the rest of the perimeter and the little nooks and crannies. It doesn't have to be pretty -- the foam can be pushed around to fit. Either cut holes throught the foam for the little screw posts to stick through or just work around them.

The foam damps progressively more as the frequency increases, but does pretty much nothing to bass frequencies.

As a final step, I fill the remaining volume to either side of the driver with very loosely packed acoustic poly fiber fill, the stuff used in speaker enclosures (although this step may have been gilding the lilly -- lining the cups is the big step, IMO).

The headphone improve dramatically. They still have the liveliness and sparkle on the top end, but no longer have the bit of glare or harshness on bright recordings. I have found the 595 to be excellent on vocals in general, but certain female vocals tend to be just a tad harsh. This foam modication cures that entirely. The bass is astonishing -- I think because the midrange is no longer masking the midbass. The imaging and soundstage is breathtaking. I put my hand where it think certain sounds are coming from on a recording with wide stereo separation and my hand is two feet beyond my head to either side.

I haven't listened to 555s, but this modification for 595s is a dramatic improvement.

ZBWU: I think the foam would also improve your modified phones. You would just apply it to the inside of the metal grill and the remaining outer circumference of the cup.
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Could you edit your original post and change the title to "HD555/H595 mod"? I think owners of both models would be interested in your photos since the two headphones are essentially identical in terms of the cup design.
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How to remove earpads?...they seem so tightly attached, i'm afraid i can tear it while removing. Please tell me where to pull or smth...
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Originally Posted by cherepashka View Post
How to remove earpads?...they seem so tightly attached, i'm afraid i can tear it while removing. Please tell me where to pull or smth...
Just put three or four fingers under the velour earpad on the inside of the cup (between the driver cover and the back of the velour earpad) and give a firm tug. The earpads just pop off. You won't hurt anything.

The velour earpads are attached to a thin oval plastic backing sheet that comes off with the earpads. The plastic sheet is what actually snaps into a lip around the edge of the headphones.

Then, you remove the driver cover by slipping a fingernail under an edge and going around the circumference to snap it loose. It's held in place by four little tabs.

Once the driver cover is off, the three tiny Phillips head screws that attach the driver baffle to the headphone will be visible -- they are down in little countersunk holes.
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Are the modding correct? I got foam from old earpads and cut it to stripes ang glued them in...
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Great thread. I didn't realize the earpads on the HD555 came off so easily. I need to get them replaced since one of them has a tear. Plus there's a dent in the metal grating. Hopefully I can get replacement parts directly from Senn, but I may as well give these mod suggestions a shot while at it.
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