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PS: That HD 580 on the picture looks more like an HD 600...
I believe that is the HD580 Jubilee which was a special edition 580 which became the HD600.

Stax makes a nice looking headphone stand:
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Originally posted by Costas
I've already got one of those and yes, they're pretty creepy. The expression never changes on its face, even with the HD-600s on...

I was after something a bit more robust. Something along the lines of a guitar stand but for headphones...
I have been using my guitar stand for headphones, or better yet, hang it on the guitar itself.
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I just tend to stick my Omega IIs back into their carrying case nowdays. The SRM-717 amp's knob protrudes off the edge of my drawer, so sometimes as a temporary stand I'll hang the Omega IIs on the knob.

Seriously though, I need to get a nice solid stand that holds just my Omega IIs, since it's the only headphone I use anyways...
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Originally posted by bil
Yours just looks like a piece of metal going into a finished piece of wood. One can spend 15 bucks at Home Depot and make one just as nice looking.
Here is a close-up picture.

Can you make this quality by yourself? Sorry, maybe I made a mistake to come to carpenter's forum, not Head-Fi :-). Note that the black part is made of wood, not metal.

Another color also exists.

Alex, maybe you can ask bil to make the stand for you. He will take only $15.
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Ok, nice pics, but where can we buy these? Are they even commercially available?
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indeed, please do let us know if it is possible to buy this stand somewhere.

do you happen to have its measurements?
how far apart are the two headphone earpieces when they are resting on the stand (in other words, what is the measurement from one side of the upside-down U to the other side)

very very cool looking, id love to have one.
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You know...I'm surprised headroom doesn't sell headphone stands. I'm sure there is a demand for them. Heck, I 'd buy a couple.
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Originally posted by nanahachi
very very cool looking, id love to have one.
Me too, I'd grab a couple of these.
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I'd be pretty big on the idea of having some sort of dummy head to put my phones one, or a glass head sounds really cool! I could make a base for it with a light and have it glow. Then I could turn off the other lights and talk to it while I listen to music... Er, I mean... ****. But I am worried that it would stress the phones more and never give them time to relax. So I thought maybe I mannequin's hand mounted on a base might be cool. But that would be kinda, I don't know.. Impersonal? I guess I could get a whole mannequin and just have it hold the phones for me when I'm not using them, and I could dress it up and everything, but it wouldn't go next to my desk and everyone would thing I'd finnaly lost the last marble.

Hmmmm, I wonder if I could make a cool hand that would stand up straight and then close its fingers when the palm was pushed back... That would be really uber for holding my phones! Hmm. It would be pretty hard, I'll see if I can build it in my head first...
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Originally posted by elnero

Ok, nice pics, but where can we buy these? Are they even commercially available?
South Florida, Bil's wood craft co.

Sorry, too much jokes.

Yes, this stand is a commercial product. It costs 50EUR. There are two color variations as far as I know. I had found it in small Hi-Fi shop in Duesseldorf. I tried to find the original maker and failed. Even google could not help me.

I already asked the shop if I can show the name here. Because I'm not sure if they can accept foreign customers. I asked to let me know the maker name, too. Please be a bit patient.

The width of top round part is 135mm and the width of ear pad center (depends on your head size, since it is not upside-down U, but upside-down horseshoe shape.) is 110mm.
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perhaps your store would be willing to disclose their North American distributor? the only other stand i know of that looks as nice is that Stax one... and that's like $100, which is way too expensive. i've decided to leave my headphone connected to the amp so i don't blow another expensive transformer... so i need a nice stand that would fit on the table. this one would be perfect.
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that Stax one... and that's like $100
Actually, the Stax is $45 at audio cubes:
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Originally posted by RVD
Actually, the Stax is $45 at audio cubes:
In Japan, Stax headphone stand costs just $25.

At the Hi-Fi shop where I bought my stands, the Stax stands were used for middle class headphones (e.g. HD580). The Stax high end headphones are hung on the wooden stand. I quite agree their choice.

The Stax stand is not bad. The wooden parts are OK. however the clear parts made of thin acrylic resin makes it cheap-looking. Acryl monoblock should be used I think.
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In Japan, Stax headphone stand costs just $25.
I imagine it is as most Stax stuff is a lot cheaper in Japan. I have never seen the Stax stand in person, but it does look nice. I agree though that the look of your stand is very nice.
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Use a banana hanger, I hang mine all the time there, mine is all metal one they made it in black also, so you have something to match your decor, chrome or black, please don't use the wooden ones look look better in front of you, the picture didin't made justice to this beauty....

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