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how to sell my cd collection

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I have a modest cd collection (just under 100 albums), most of which I bought over the past two or so years. I will be going off to college in September, and I need to sell some stuff to have some more money in the bank when that time comes.

I have known for a long time that I have pretty bad hearing, but I only recently accepted the fact that head-fi was a waste of my time: I can't abx 128 kbps mp3s or m4as against lossless, i can't tell the difference between my k240s with or without an amp (xin supermini-III), though the difference is VERY audible with my im716s. i heard no difference when, switching from foobar to itunes in preparation for my switch to max os x when leopard comes out, i had to start using the normal (not the high quality) output on my av710 soundcard and, again, heard no difference (i can't usually tell the difference between the card and onboard sound, either).

so i'm going to sell my cds and try to get back some of the at least $1000 i must have spent on them (the thought of that much money sitting in cd form in my room is shocking to me). i'll be my future macbook (maybe pro) and ipod to listen to music, so i won't really need these cds (no dedicated source for me).

i've been looking at the amazon marketplace and ebay for selling the cds (individually), and I could of course post them in the for sale forum here, but what are some other ways of selling the cds? I'll get a paypal account when I turn 18 in a few months, but, after that, what's the best place for selling the disks?

i should add that i've never sold anything on the internet before, so i have no seller feedback, which is, of course, a setback.

Thanks in advance,
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You can always donate them to the Hembergler-Fund. If that fails, then selling here works pretty well.

Edit: D'oh, this is a double post. The other thread with more posts is here http://www.head-fi.org/forums/showthread.php?t=229343
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i changed my mind; sellllll me those cds
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