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What about cymbal precision - does it distinguish A from K Zildjian?

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Holy crap. I don't know if it's due to the recable (maybe the recabler flipped the driver phase or something) but this V3 K501 I'm listening to right now sounds downright AWFUL compared to the V1 I had previously. Funky soundstage, weird peaks and recessions all over the place... I definitely do not like it. The V1 K501 was almost perfect and this one is quite a step backwards. I'll have to spend some time figuring out what's wrong.

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Well, almost three months later I've been able to obtain both a V1 and a V3 (MP and LP) K501 and was able to compare both of them. For the record, the "problem" with the V1 K501 I have was that the recabler did indeed flip a phase on a channel, which is what caused it sound so funky. The two versions are very similar in terms of tone and quality. The main discernable difference is in the midbass - the V1 is lean and tight throughout its entire range, whereas the V3 has a slight midbass hump, which can get just a teensy-eensie bit sloppy on fast, bass-heavy songs. Besides that I don't have the time (or the ears, or the propensity) to discern more differences between the two. I'd be quite happy with either if I had to pick one over the other, but I don't know which one I prefer. Oh well.

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i have Akg K501 v1. whats the most cheap and quick way to convert them into v3 if that is even possible.

thanks. i assume right that the v3 has the most bass out of the three?

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Looks like "version1", which chronologically is the second version. See page 4 of this thread.

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Originally Posted by MDR30 View Post


Looks like "version1", which chronologically is the second version. See page 4 of this thread.

Thank you. That seems to be the most "balanced" version of the three and the one that has been longest in production.

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So can somebody confirm if this is v1? 

Is it true v1 has the worst head stage and bass of the 3 versions? If so, it there a tutorial to convert them into the v2 or v3? 

Also are the donut pads completely symmetrical all the way round that it doesn't matter which way i put it pack on? 

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So it's safe to say v1 has the most compromise of having the least bass and sound stage. 

Can any body confirm? 

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