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man i hope so too, as ive said i really disliked the pk2 and pk3, as both sennheisers rivals to them ( the mx880 and mx 580 ) are just superior in every way and equally priced.

It seems like the pk1 will be more forward sounding and bassy than the Sennheiser Mx980, which is giga expensive but sennheisers top of the line bud in the mx series ( supposed to be pk1s rival ) but they are very wide and neutral sounding im told, lacking the bass as the focus is on the highs which supposed to be breath taking.

seems like the pk1 is suited more towards me, i prefer a bassier forward sound
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Mine have about 80 hours of burn in now. Still working my way towards that 500 hours recommended. I gave them a listen today for about 30 minutes at lunch. I haven't noticed a ton of difference since cracking the seal. They seemed to have opened up a little bit. The bass is a little more present.
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Heck, I wonder if I even have 500 hours on mine! LOL I think I did a good 100-200 and have mostly been listening as time passes. It's my main work 'phone right now.
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Originally Posted by Lil' Knight View Post
They have an excellent match.
thank you sir! my prob right now, local store has no stock i really want a PK1 now
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Where are you located? I think Head Direct ships worldwide.
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local store here sell pk1 for only $155, here in asia ordering online will kill your wallet from taxes, etc..
ill just wait until new stock comes, ohh... i cant wait!! LoL!
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You can try a shot in the FS section. I got my first PK1 here for $90 shipped and had nearly 800 hours (for real!) with it. Sounded amazing at that time but unfortunately, the cable cracked and I had to buy a new one.
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i already have more than 300 hours on my Pk2 it also sounds great but not that great
on the bass department thats why i want to try the PK1 since majority of the reviews
here says, Pk1 has better bass than Pk2 *(but how better?)* i love the SQ of my Yuin
but honestly i never like the build quality looks so cheap. and also the durability of the
buds is very low according to reviews and forum, im glad mine still working *cross fingers*
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Ya, the PK1 and PK2 definitely have 2 different sounds to them.  My PK1 now has just over 100 hours of burn in and the bass is starting to fill in a little more all the time.  I'm still not totally sure I'm getting more detail out of the PK1 than I am out of my PK2 just yet.  But my PK2 has A LOT of hours on them. 


I will say for sure, each time I listen to the PK1 I like them a little more than the previous time.  I do wish that the cord was shorter though.  =(  That sucker is long! 


I can't say that I will stop listening to my PK2's at this point either.  I prefer bigger bass (that's why I bought my Edition 8's) but I really like the presentation of the PK2 a lot. 


Time continues on the burn in........

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sir how big/far is the difference of PK1 and Pk2 on the bass department and soundstage?

many thanks.

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So far, I have about 120 hours on them.  So still a long way to go according to many who have had them.  However up to this point I would say that soundstage, the PK2 seems to have a bigger and wider soundstage.  But the PK1 has a fuller sound for sure.  It's just not as expansive. 


As far as bass goes, I would say that the PK1 offers about 25 percent more bass at this point.  Maybe a bit more.  Certainly much better than the first day I pulled them out of the box. 

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well 500 hours is just u know.. in case ...  i personally thought that they were pretty done after about 200hrs, but i also used some pink noise

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Ya, I'll keep burning them in until I really can't notice a changes anymore.  I have never been one to notice a ton of difference with burning in a headphone, but these are changing.  I have also noticed that I can turn down the volume of my Walkman 1 notch and get the same volume as I did when I first unboxed them. 


Edit:  Just thought I'd also add a footnote here.  It seems that when I do have the PK1 hooked up to my bithead, the bass thinks out quite a lot.  Just doesn't have the fullness or impact as it does coming straight from my Walkman.  Seems odd to me, but I have tried this several times both ways and it's noticeable for sure. 


I do plan to order the E7 when it is available, so maybe I will get a different result.

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There is absolutely no way they are going to sound any different after 50 hours or 500 hours.  You are buying into bunk.

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There aren't many times or many posts by me that you will ever see me buying into the whole burn in process.  I have been VERY much into headphones for 26 years now.  I listened to headphones a few years longer, but I didn't really catch the bug until 1984.  There would be no possible way for me to list all the headphones I have owned over those years.  High into triple digits.  This isn't a hobby that I just picked up a year ago.  I can appreciate your opinion of the burn in....but I'm really not the guy to believe the hype.  The thing that makes me shoot for 500 hours is because there is more than 1 person that has suggested that number specifically.  Most people toss 25 or 50 or maybe even 100 hours.  So I just became intrigued by more than 1 person suggesting such a high number of hours.  I can say for sure that they have been changing with the hours I have put on them.  There is only 1 other headphone that I have ever owned where I can say there was a pretty significant change and that's my Edition 8.  Right out of the gate, the bass boomed like a 500 watt subwoofer.  But many months of time and lots of hours I can say for sure that the bass has tightened up significantly.  I did not notate how many hours it took for it to happen. 


I have often thought that burn in was the result of your ears adjusting to the sound of the headphone.  And that may be closer to the truth than not.  I have never tried to contact a manufacturer to find out if the driver movement and settlement really prodcues "burn in."  I have only been listening to my PK1 for 1 hour per day since I got them and there really has been a noticeable change.  So I can't attribute this change to me listening and getting accustomed to the sound. 

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