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How loud do you listen to your music??

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I just read a post about someone's doctor recommending that they not use headphones anymore due to the risk of hearing damage.

I know people tend to listen to headphones louder than speakers.

The poll is in simplified sound measurements.
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There are some variables here. I use IEM's that isolate a bunch. With no music playing I cannot hear a page turn and might not hear keys depending on where they are.

That all said, I would really like to know how loud I listen to my IEM's - like in DB's.
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I can't choose one option because depending on how well or poorly a specific phone isolates is I would have a different answer.
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Mostly I try to avoid loud volume on headphones. If i want loud then I use my speakers. I voted hear someone speak. Although theyd have to be near me.
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I just answered according to my main listening habits:
using open grado SR-60's in my quiet office, I listen about 6 hours a day at a sound-level I even can hear pages turn etc. (well, I can hear my quiet computer hum most of the time)
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Well, if you're using a mac, I usually keep it at 3-5... squares.. for lack of a better word. I keep the volume in the lower 1/4 on my iPod, when using closed of course, open I have to keep it at around 1/2 (ouch) when outside.
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I just thought of another way to gripe about the options (what is this, Slashdot?).

It also depends on whats playing. During a quiet passage I might be able to hear somebody on the other side of the house talking, but during a loud passage not able to hear somebody talking in the same room.
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I can almost always hear myself typing on the keyboard, mouse clicking, even the sound of the mouse scroll wheel. Just tested and can hear myself turn pages. Which is pretty relieving; I don't think I listen particularly loudly but there's no real way for me to compare my volumes to those of others and I figure everyone believes their listening levels are safe regardless of what it actually is.
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I listen quite loudly

At the Bristol Meet, Stew came up beside me and was prodding his K-1000s, I asked him what's up as I put down his HD580s. He told me he was checking his K-1000s to see if it was left turned on because he could hear sound from the other side of the room.

Apparently it was me having the volume knob of his Millet Hybrid 75% of the way, and he could hear me listening to Pink Floyd from the other side of the room, approx 7ft. away.

I am deaf.
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I listen to volumes quite loud. I find that with my dt880's, for them not to sound thin, I have the raise the volume all the way to 11-12 o'clock for them to be driven properly. At this volume, if someone is speaking to me, they are muffled out and I have to take my headphones off. This is really bad, because I'll either have to 1) by a new, much more powerful amp to listen to my dt880's at low levels while being driven properly, or 2) Listen to my headfive at 11-12 o'clock and risk damaging my hearing
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when listening to my hd595... i can still hear people trying to get my attention... i can sometimes make out what they are saying too.
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Originally Posted by denl82 View Post
I find that with my dt880's, for them not to sound thin, I have the raise the volume all the way to 11-12 o'clock for them to be driven properly.
That is right, the whole thing is extremely dependent on the very fon in usage. The DT880 sounds ridiculously thin on very low volumes, whereas all my other fons are mostly driven as "silent" as possible. The cheap poti of my solid state amp sometimes forced me to hear louder than I wanted - so I equipped it with an additional gain switch.

All in all, I have the impression that listening at very high volumes seems to be tendencially a male, newbee and youngster thing.
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Some music just sounds so much better when being played loud!!! Not talking qual here but the feeling it gives you.
Have to take them of if my boyfriend tries to reach me but I listen to a closed hp so that also makes a differ.
BTW, this poll only contains girlfriens wich you can hear or not but I don't have one
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I listen to music quietly, hearing what others say.
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9-10 o'clock, regardless of the phone.
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