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FS: HeadAmp GS-1 (black)

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$629* shipped FIRM via PayPal, world-wide (international residents will need to add $3 more for higher-rate PayPal fees). The amp is configured for US voltage and can be changed by HeadAmp - if this needs adjusting for your country, I will be shipping it back to HeadAmp first, and the cost of shipping (if any) will then become your burden. In mint condition, will ship in original box, double-boxed, with original accessories. May be including an Iron Lung Jellyfish for free (presently unknown).

Bought this for $765 direct from HeadAmp in August '06. This does not have the DACT stepped attenuator.

Pic 1 | Pic 2 | Pic 3 | Pic 4 | Pic 5

* price may decrease later

IRT: "Are you selling the AE-1 too?"
- Well you don't see it on the FS list in my sig, do you now? Also FYI, the AE-1 is out of production, and HeadAmp is starting to trickle out its successor, the AE-2. More info over at the Amps forum, hopefully HeadAmp releases the official announcement sometime soon.
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You are selling everything you own. There must be something special you have in mind.
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Are you selling the AE-1 too?
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