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Amp for ATH AD900

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Hi I'm new to the forums and would really benefit from advice from you experience head-fier's. Does anyone know of an inexpensive amp that would pair well with a pair of Audio technica AD-900's? (ones that would perhaps give more bass?) What kind of an improvement would an amp make for these cans? (I know they are low impedance--35 ohms). I'd appreciate any constructive advice. I'm current system is really basic...either my computer through the headphone out on my x-fi or a 4G Ipod. I'd appreciate any advice. THX
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When I had the AD700s i thought they sounded really good out of the Original Master. I later sold them as a pair and the owner is VERY happy.

I can only imagine the AD700's bigger brother would improve further

edit: oh, and the Original Master is damned cheap to boot!
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Thanks d-cee. I'll have to look into the Original Master (looks like it has good reviews! and only $200 to boot ). I'm going to try to find one to listen to, or a similar amp in Oregon. Unfortunately Corvallis is a pretty small town. Any other suggestions?? Oh and if you live in Oregon where is a good place to audition audio equip??
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I know my SM3 improved the bass quality and quantity of my A700 tremedously going from straight out of the 0404/headphone jack of my AV receiever. At first I thought the bass was a little too much, but add on the SM3 with more bass and it actually becomes more fun to listen to because the bass is so damn pleasing

Well tell you how the GLite sounds like once I get it
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The G&W AT-F100 might be another option. It's around US$220.

Maybe also an external DAC. A source change may improve the sound more than an amp change.
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