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Head-Fest 2007 Panel Discussion Thread: Questions Wanted! - Page 3

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Originally Posted by Voltron View Post
How about:

For those on the panel who have attended a number of Head-Fi meets around the country, how has your attendance and discussions with Head-fiers influenced your designs and/or your choices of what to design (SS vs. tube, balanced v. single-ended, home vs. portable, etc.)?
x2. this was going to be my question. i think it is a good one. ask for examples as well.
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What are the "designers / builders" thoughts on "outsourcing" the actual manufacture of their products? Especially their "flagship" models?

- augustwest
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Isn't it time that the high-end amps have remote control as stock? hehe
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Originally Posted by Voltron View Post
Wes Phillips posted up a meet announcement with special mention of the panel discussion in his BLOG on Thanks Wes!
Sorry for the OT, but I'll bet that audiologist, "Dr. Glob-itty-guk" never anticipated such fame and fortune stemming from attending the event.

Like my grandmother has always said, "Who knew?"

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For all:

1. What is your 5 and 10 year outlook on amplification and what new technologies do you plan on incorporating into your plans?
2. Who is driving your design outlook, the headphone manufactures with their current and past products or the needs and desires of your customers?
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Which is your favourite amp? Name one you havent built.
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Originally Posted by Icarium View Post
....where do they see the headphone market going? Do they anticipate new flagship level offerings to continue to be pushed out over the coming years? Or more of a gravitation towards creating headphones at the HD650/K701/RS-1 price point?

I'd like to know if they have any industry inside info on possibility of new wave of ultra high end Headphones.
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Please let us know how it goes!
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