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I've broken the Etys two times now...

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I keep cracking the stem when the foam or silicon plugs go on... I use foam plugs, and the first time (in 2004? 2005?), I broke one of the stems while trying to pull one out. They gave me a bag of new foam plugs that fit the stem more loosely. (I bought the etys in 2002, so a lot has changed since then...)

Fast forward to January 2006, and I broke them AGAIN, (both drivers this time, according to etymotic; one is obviously broken, but they said the other one is also cracked, but I didn't notice that) again while trying to take the plugs out. Part of it was my fault: I squeezed hard on the foam even as I was pulling them out, partly to get a grip, partly because I didn't want to get the foam pulled away from the plastic. (although thinking back, I don't know how much sense this makes; I think using a light grip so the plug comes off easily would be better for that.

I'm also annoyed at how quickly the earwax builds up inside the plug, so I have to often pull them out to clean them, which seems to make them disintegrate that much faster. After getting back the phones this time, I'm trying to clean them without taking them out... but I should probably replace the tips more often anyway, as I've a bag of them sitting unused

Both times I sent them to etymotic, they replaced both drivers, the first time for free, this time for $50. This time they even replaced the cable with the new twisted pair type, so I'm basically getting a whole new earphone--only the shirt clip seems to be old. Kudos to Etymotic for top service

But how do I stop breaking these phones all the time???
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How bout you just put buble wrap over them? That really sucks man.
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I think the problem may be that you're applying too much pressure and force when applying/removing the eartip.

Try to practice putting on the eartip and taking it off, applying the LEAST amount of pressure and force as possible. Start out slowly... Then you'll become used to it, and it will become a habit.
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Grab it by the very tip, this part is over the stem:

Also try taking it off with a twisting motion.
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Thanks guys...

How many times can I expect to remove and replace the foam eartips before having to put on new ones? I have spares, but it would be nice to get more mileage out of each pair.
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For the stock ones, I would say 4 or 5 times because of the glue. It depends on a few things like their age and how hard they become to get off.
You can also see my offer Here and make your own with reusable, softer easier to remove tubes. It's not that hard.
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Every time I put a comply tip on, or take one off, I get a little nervous, because they aren't actually made for the ER4, and the tube is ever-so-slightly too small to fit on the nozzle.
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Yeah, I don't know why they go for hard plastic for the tubes. I have successfully made comply clone foamies with these (at .50 cents a pair! )
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