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Sevral good names in this thread (notably Goldfrapp), but my two favourite are Regina Spektor and Camille
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Anneli Drecker from Bel Canto...
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For low, sultry vocals, check out Caroline Lavelle. She is a singer-cellist who likes to collaborate with cutting-edge names in electronic music (e.g. Hector Zazou, Michael Brook and William Orbit, way before he gone big with Madonna). So far she has only three personal albums, and there are interesting cover versions on each.

Jane Siberry music can also be described as sultry-progressive. Her songs are like long, free-flowing verses which can either be starkly powerful or totally obscure. Recommendations: The Speckless Sky and When I was a Boy

I'm not too familar with acoustic covers of electric songs. Tori Amos had done a bunch of rock/grunge covers back in the late 90s I think; I remember to have been fairly put-off by these (the way she emoted was rather contrived).
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Originally Posted by Capt369 View Post
Eva Cassidy does it for me!
x2. Another good recommendation.

Check out Live at Blues Alley

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Some people will cringe, but I would like to add Mariah Carey. Sure it's "bubblegum pop" and she's kinda wacko, but she can really sing. I can't see how anyone can listen to Emotions and say otherwise.

Another favorite of mine is Patty Smyth of Scandal. Too bad she is no longer putting out new stuff and is now married to John McEnroe.

I also second Regina Specktor. I can't seem to stop listening to her CD.
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I think Katie Melua has a sweet voice.

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Suzanne VEGA, JEWEL, SADE...
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Originally Posted by Sanddancer View Post
Regina Spektor!
Like Spektor too.

Johanna Mewson, Lisa Germano, Vashti Bunyan and Nico are great also.
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Howling Bells http://www.howlingbells.com/

Quite a mix of styles, and a beautiful voice.
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Not sure if it has been mentionned previously, but i'd recommend Joni Mitchell to anyone.... bit of an acquired taste to an extent, with the voice variations she makes, but that's a treat if that hits the right notes with you !!

My 2 favourite albums are "Blue" and "Ladies of the Canyons".
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I'm throwing Jill Scott out there. She can sing, both studio and live. Try the track "He loves me" or "Gotta get up" with 4hero.

Corinne Bailey Rae, she's simply awesome, great live and unplugged too.

Maaya Sakamoto, Japanese, but she has a few tracks in English too.

Santessa, kind of like a modern Sade.

Late night alumni

Laleh, has some tracks in both in Swedish and English, try out the track "Live tomorrow"

I'll also second Feist and Jenny Lewis.

If you like a couple of those I'd like to know what you think I might like
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here are some more . . .

mary-chapin carpenter -- country cross-over, great voice
kim richey -- country cross-over, great voice, check out first two albums (these are truly awesome)
mary black -- beautiful voice (can't remember if she's scottish or irish, my bad!), particularly "the holy ground"
ella fitzgerald -- jazz, probably the best voice ever, sooo silky
holly cole trio -- jazz, particularly "don't smoke in bed"
shirley horn -- jazz, particularly "you won't forget me"
alison krauss (& union station) -- bluegress, particulary "live" (w/union station) and "now that i've found you"
rickie lee jones -- pop, particularly "flying cowboys"
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Originally Posted by vcoheda View Post
x2. Another good recommendation.

Check out Live at Blues Alley

X3, I like Eva Cassidy, and like the album Live at Blues Alley. Unfortunately, Eva is in Heaven now
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I've been enjoying the Be Good Tanyas lately.

I also just got a new album of this girl Jenny Hoyston who teamed up with William Elliott Whitmore and I've been digging it so far...Worth checking out.
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