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I'd add Tristan Prettyman to the list. Great singer-songwriter and her third album, Hello was just released last week. I was able to catch her in concert four weeks ago in Minneapolis and her show was great.
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Eva Cassidy
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Amy Winehouse

Wonderful voice; I canĀ“t get enough of it right now.
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Shelby Lynne

Just A Little Lovin'

Wonderful sultry voice , excellent piano playing, brushed snare drum , stand up Bass with one acoustic guitar some electric, all of audiophile quality recorded! Very sweet, highly recommended !
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A few from the music I have with me at work:

Margot Timmins (Cowboy Junkies)
Sia (with or without Zero 7, listening to her a lot lately)
Diana Krall (outclasses most modern Jazz chicks even without her piano playing...in a league of her own with it)
Paris Combo (that's the band...can't remember her name)
Ella Fitzgerald (OK its been awhile, but she is the best)
Chrissie Hynde (Pretenders)
Christine McVie (always preferred her to Stevie Nicks on the Fleetwood Mac albums)
Fiona Apple (mentally unstable when I saw her in concert, but she sounds good to me)
The girl from Belly
Tracy Chapman
Norah Jones
Aimee Mann
New Pornographers girl (her solo stuff is OK too but can't remember the name, argh)
Madeleine Peyroux (great stuff, a bit weak in concert)
Liz Phair (mainly for the first 2 albums)
KT Tunstall (I like her stuff a lot, great in concert too)
Amy Winehouse (pressure is on for second major album though, could easily be a 1-album wonder)

Sarah McLachlan (nice, but the songs all sound the same to me, sorry)
Joni Mitchell (great songs, but her voice gets on my nerves sometimes)
Cat Power, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Sonic Youth (just because they are cool)
Bjork (mixed bag)
Allison Krauss (some great, much of it merely OK)
Emmylou Harris (see Krauss)
Patty Griffin (tries a a bit too hard to sound country for me)
Jenny Lewis
Patti Smith
Regina Spektor

Not so great:
Eva Cassidy (I'd rather hear the original version of every single song...sorry)
Jane Monheit (100% owned by Diana Krall)
Cocteau Twins
Pop / American Idol types (annoying lack of creativity and originality, plus people who sing music by other people usually have their work cut out for them, and most of these simply can't cut it)
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New discovery for me: Laura Gibson

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Jennifer Warnes- Famous Blue Raincoat particularly the song Joan Of Arc
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Bringing this one back from the dead just because I read through 16 pages of female vocalists and not a mention for Jolie Holland. If you've never heard her, she is a highly recommended (by me ) listen. This was a great thread though. Found lots of new music to check out from reading through it.
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nightwishes ex [ ] lead singer tarja turunen

one of my fav songs...

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bjork is the most expressive and, im opinion the best, female voice in pop music in our generation

you do need to get used to her 'over the top' style and her accent.
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X2 on Rickie Lee Jones - Definitely has a distinctive voice, has some good songs too..
X2 on Norah Jones - I think everyone has heard her before though..
Etta James - Burnin' Down the House is a great live album where she shows off all her vocal tricks.. this album is a lot more upbeat then you would expect if you've only heard her sing At Last. A mix between blues, funk, and r&b with a good horn section.
Phoebe Snow - Surprised nobody mentioned her.. 7 octave range or something ridiculous like that.. check out Best of Phoebe Snow
Lucinda Williams - This might be a controversial pick because she's not known for having a beautiful voice, I just like listening to her sing because she is very soulful imho.. Her latest album is pretty good, and her album before that West is even better.
X2 on Alison Krauss - The album with Robert Plant is great!!
Bonnie Raitt
Susan Tedeschi - She has a lot of good songs and albums.. check her out if you like Bonnie Raitt or blues music in general..
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