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Kirsty Hawkshaw
Michele Adamson
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Elenor McEvoy
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I know her personal life has been going down the toilet of late (and showing no sign of stopping the decline), but hearing Amy Winehouse on Back to Black was a revelation. Only heard the album late last year after seeing all the bad press and the terrible live apperances she did as my other half was raving about the album.
The woman sure has talent that's for sure, but I don't know if she can come back from the sad mess she's in.
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Not quite what the OP asked for, but right now I'm listening to the sweetest voice I've heard in a long while: Christa Belle, from the band "Hungry Lucy". Try the album "Glo", "To Kill A King" is also supposed to be good. Very lush/syrupy.
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Did anybody mention Annie Lennox?
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Norah Jones has been mentioned earlier.

Gets my vote too. Lovely voice!
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Julia Fordham
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Jasmine Rodgers, from the band Bôa.

Love her voice.
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Just heard a new one today, close mic'd and accompanied by a piano and bass. Very airy and detailed.

It was Lizz Wright. New artist with a blues and gospel background. I've ordered her CD.
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my favorite is norah jones
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norah jones
diana krall
over the rhine
mazzy star
hope sandoval
10000 maniacs
natalie merchant
suzanne vega
the sundays
cowboy junkies
st vincent
kt tunstall
sinead o'connor
sarah mclachlan
eva cassidy
tracy chapman
sheryl crow
brandi carlile
rachael yamagata
fiona apple
beth orton
rosie thomas
alison krauss
anna nalick
patty griffin
neko case
regina spektor
rilo kiley
jenny lewis
keren ann
maria taylor
Iingrid michaelson
a fine frenzy
sara bareilles
katie melua
sara gazarek
cat power
allison crowe

who else ...
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i dont know if these are repeats.
within temptation
megan mccauley (only listened to "die for you" in the fantastic 4 soundtrack, good song)
fiona apple
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My favorite female vocalist

I don't know if anyone mentioned:

Tracey Thorn
I love all of her "Every Thing But The Girl" material

I HATE all the other electronic "club mix" crap she did later in her career.

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Margo Timmons
Natalie Merchant
Billie Holiday
Diana Krall
Michelle Shocked
Carmen Lundy
The girl from Hem I can't remember her name.

These are to name a few of the many fine vocalists
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Thanks to all your recommendations, great stuff!

I'd like to add:
Chrissie Hynde (check out the awesome acoustic live cd: Pretenders - Isle of View)
Malia (beautiful cover of Radiohead's "No Surprises" on the Young Bones cd)
Karin Bergquist / Over The Rhine (Almost everything she sings, but I especially love the Ohio cd)
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