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celine dion
mariah carey
alanis morissette
sarah mclachian
gwen stefani
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Originally Posted by blipmusic View Post
A thread about female vocalists not mentioning:

Sandy Denny (of Fairport Convention) and
Linda Thompson (new album out: Versatile Heart)

is not worth to be called a thread about female vocalists. So there.
Amen to that.

My favorite Sandy Denny: Her quietly raging demolition of "Matty Groves," from Fairport Convention's spectacular Liege and Lief. Proof positive that a great singer can infuse a song with frightening power without resorting to Joplinesque histrionics. Aided and abetted by two of the most twisted solos ever committed to psychedelic vinyl, by Richard Thompson and Dave Swarbrick. A simply amazing recording. The word "mesmerizing" comes to mind.

My favorite Linda Thompson: It's a tie between two tracks from Shoot Out The Lights. "The Wall of Death" is hard rock that sounds completely modern yet somehow medieval. Richard Thompson supplies letter-perfect harmony vox, and uncorks yet another short, brilliant guit solo. "Did She Jump Or Was She Pushed?" is chillingly ironic and amusingly ironic at the same time. Yikes.

Anyone interested in hearing Ms. Thompson's new record, Versatile Heart can stream it here. I got this link from Pitchfork, so it is legal.
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i personally like:
- Sade
- celine Dion
- mariah Carey
- christina aguilera (old songs )
- Blonde Redhead
- some asian singers like utada hikaru and elva hsiao
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Hey There! As a female vocalist myself I have enjoyed reading everyones posts and seeing the diverse tastes you have for vocals. I love the male vocal too but some of my influences have been.....
Pat Benatar
Ann Wilson
Celine Dion
Cristina Aguillera
Mariah Carey
Amy Lee
Kelly Clarkson
Martina McBride
Anita Smith
and the Diva Plavalaguna from The Fifth Element
I believe the voice should use every side of the emotion and reflect the mood of what is being said in the musical piece.
I have recorded songs from soft to heavy and everything in between, and have expressed every emotion from love to anger. The cresendo.
Anyway Rock Forever Everyone and keep on letting music fill your soul. Kat Marco
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beverley craven
suzanne vega
imogen heap
sheryl crow
heather nova
old mariah carey
tori amos
fiona apple
joan osbourne
nelly furtado
karen carpenter
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No one liked Enya or Tracy Chapman ?
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Originally Posted by Audio-Omega View Post
No one liked Enya or Tracy Chapman ?
definitely. both. good call.
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Am I getting too old?

What happens to Janis Joplin, Joan Baez, Julie London & Jennifer Warnes (all with J- first name, just to name a few)
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Natasha St. Pier
Julie Zenatti
Isabelle Boulay
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Originally Posted by laxx View Post
Am I the only one to like Dido's voice?
Man it's getting late,i read Dildo
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Some of my favorites pop femmes (not in any order):

Julie London
Peggy Lee
Joni Mitchell
Tracy Chapman
Laura Nyro
Margo Timmins
Lucinda Williams
Sinead O'Connor
Imogen Heap
Bebel Gilberto
Neko Case
Norah Jones
Patricia Barber
Keren Ann
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Sasha Dobson - Modern Romance
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Julee Cruise! What a wonderful and dreamy voice she has.

How come she isn't mentioned in this thread earlier? Nobody knows?! :O Please do try her out. Not in that meaning.
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Rosie Thomas
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Eva Cassidy
Mary Black
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