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New guy needs help!

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Hi guys Although I am not new to quality earphones ( as I always use custom molded inner ears when practicing on the drums or performing). I did not know people were using these amps/systems in a portable manner .
I have been living in Tokyo for the last year and 2 months. I am sure most of you are familiar with Akihabara but, I would like to see if anyone knows any specific stores or other towns where I can buy a complete portable amp, resources to build my own, or any thing in general around tokyo for "hi fi".
Thanks in advance
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Don't know of anything in Tokyo . . . there aren't very many brick-and-mortar stores that cater to hi-fi. Almost everything we purchase (even CDs and LPs) is online. There are a lot of threads that talk about the best among portable amps, e.g. the RSA Hornet and Tomahawk, among others.
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SQ, welcome to Head-Fi.

Try searching the Members Lounge forum for "Akihabara". You should a good hit of threads with the info that you're looking for.
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Check out Dynamic Audio in Akiba. There are a couple of stores on the same street right across from each other (one for new gear and the other for second hand). They are THE resource for high-end audio in Tokyo.

They had a couple of portable (or more likely transportable) amps there when I went in a few weeks ago, but no much really. The guys there might be able to point you in the right direction though.

BTW, what kind of IEMs do you have?
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Hey Thanks guys. I actually went to Akihabara after work today. I walked around for 3 hours and found 4 or 5 small stores in the DUTY FREE block
directly outside the JR exit. They had all kinds of wiring, plugs, diodes, connects, chips,. Time for me to start studying some basic electronics.
Also Yodabashi camera had wiring, speakers/drivers, non portable headphone amps.
Thanks for the Akiba (short for akihabara?) recommend I will check that out.
To tell the truth I don't remember what kind of inner ears I have I know they were a national company. They are single driver I don't remember the freq. range but there is plenty of mid range, clean low end and good highs ( not too bright). I got them done when I worked at Disney in the states as a musician.
Because of the musicians union and O.S.S.H.A (?) we got free custom molded
earplugs with 15 and 25 db. The guy ( who actually played in the same drum & bugle corps that i was in but 13 years earlier) gave us a serious
hookup since he knew some of the other drummers we worked with personally from 15 years before.
Got them for $150 back in 1999 they are still going strong. Use them
all the time.
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Yes, Akiba is short for Akihabara.

You really have to find Dynamic Audio. The headphone listening section on the main floor of the store for new products makes it worth the trip alone. Every model you would want to try (except for Jecklin Floats maybe ) with leather lounge chairs to sit in while doing so.

The High-end Audio Labs (HAL for short) are also mind blowing. I saw a CD player there going for 8,500,000 Yen!!! Popped in a SACD and whoaaaa.
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