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Lowest price on k701?

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I'm getting in over my head on all this, but I would like to try the K701's out. I have HD600's that I love, and sold SR-225's that I didn't (mostly comfort issues). I see Abe's has them for $279, but recall a post about Northern Sound having them for less. Anyone know what the best price going is?
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yep, northernsound for $244
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IIRC they hovered around the $244 or $247... something like that I believe.
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yeah, around $245
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I paid $256 on eBay plus shipping.
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I'm also interested in where the best prices are. It seems Northern Audio are teh cheapest but they don't seem to do international orders, are there any other places? Also where and what is Abe's?
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They're going for $270 on the US eBay. Most sellers will ship internationally, as well.
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eBay has some very solid sellers these days. I wouldn't hesitate to by from these sellers.
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Looks like Northern Sound's the place. Thanks all.
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I bought a pair on ebay for 269 + 34 shipping by DHL air into Canada. I'm expecting them today. Will let you know how much the surcharges are. Either way, it's much better than the retail cost here in Canada; but that's been well documented and bemoaned elsewhere on head-fi.

Other ebay sellers were selling for less, but these were shipping to Canada by UPS ground. For us Canucks the biggest problem is the exorbitant "brokerage fee" charged by couriers like UPS or FedEx when they deliver by "standard" or "ground" services. It can be quite a shock; afew years back I paid about $120 on top of a $300 used synthesizer. Supposedly air service does away with brokerage fees. And US postal service is the probably the most cost-efficient all-round.

Anyway, once the buyer knows what to expect, the buyer can factor these things into the calculation. This time around, for me, purchasing the K701s via ebay should be worthwhile, regardless of brokerage.

While I'm ranting (sorry), it's a shame that most US sellers on this site do not ship north to Canada. :-(
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Yes, it's Northern Sound & Light that sells K701 for $244 + $10 shipping. I received mine yesterday evening. I heartily recommend NorthernSound for purchasing K701.

Note: They sent a free T-shirt also with the can.
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I bought my new AKG K 701 on eBay from Compu+ for about $270 USD including shipping.
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Northern also has good prices on other hardware, though it's a pain to have to email for their prices. Oh well, I guess it's a small price to pay for a smaller price.
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FYI--Northern Sound has no k701's in stock. They expect more in April sometime. Being impatient, I just ordered a like new pair off the board's classified ads The way I look at it, I'll just have less break in time.
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Originally Posted by Murugesh View Post
They sent a free T-shirt also with the can.
Was it an AKG T-shirt?
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