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Sennheiser HD520 II

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It's been some time since I began reading on Head-Fi, hearing about HD650, K701 and fairly high end headphone and I wondered what my old H520 II are worth in both sound and price?To what newer headphones can I compare it?

In my humble opinion they sound quite good but I also wondered if newer Headphones would sound much better than them.Would it be worth the price to change to K701 for example to use with my Nad 3020?

I haven't found anything either on this forum or google, so do someone has any experience with the HD520 II?
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I have an HD560 Ovation II, at that time (early 90s) the top of Senn's dynamic line. Even so, it's competitive now only at about the $80-100 range. The 520 II should fit in somewhere below that, probably at or slightly below the level of the current HD485. I don't know if it makes sense jumping straight to a K701. I'd think in the $120-150 range for a clear improvement, and if you have the money sitting around think of getting a dedicated headphone amp as well, and you could easily make a noticeable upgrade from a stock soundcard as your DAC. Search around this forum to get an idea of what is out there and what might appeal to you. For headphones, you might begin thinking in this realm: HD580, K501, DT880 2003.
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I also have the HD520 II, and I've enjoyed it for the last two decades. One drawback is that it isn't quite efficient enough to drive my iPod/iPhone at ample volume. Hoping new technology would improve on that old design, I recently bought the Sennheiser HD598. In all my store evaluations, I found it to be the best-sounding (and most comfortable) headphone in town. Also works well with my portable devices (although it has only a large 1/4" plug- clearly not intended for mobile use). But back at home, side by side with my old HD520, I found the HD598 to be a little too thick in bass, but the HD520 just right. They're very similar.

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