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for the last 4 years i have used a pair of technics rp-f290 headphones, which have been really good in terms of their sound clarity and crispiness. but as they got physically worn out, i decided to find similar replacement. so the other day i bought a pair of rp-f300, which, according to the technical specifications, had absolutely the same parameters as rp-f290. however, i was terribly shocked to find out the sound coming through these new headphones had no quality at all! no high frequencies at all, just like an old radio!

what i'm now wondering about is whether these headphones are fake. or could two different pairs of headphones with the same parameters sound so different? can the design and structure somehow influence the sound? i'm both confused and furious. please help me deal with this. i'd really appreciate that. because if these headphones are fake and the sound of the real rp-f300 is normal, then i'll return what i've purchased. but if this is what the real rp-f300 sounds like, i'll just blame myself.

p.s. here are the techncial specifications of both technics rp-f290 and rp-f300.


Technics RP-F300 stereo headphones feature an ergonomically designed double headband and comfortable ear-pads. They're champagne gold in colour and offer single-side monitoring, ideal for DJing. They also feature XBS (Xtra Bass). Comfortable and easy to wear.

Drive Units
40mm (1-9/16in)
22 ohms (1kHz)
102 dB/mW
Power Handling Capacity
1,000 mW
Frequency Response
10 Hz - 27 kHz
4m (13.1 ft)
3.5mm (1/8 in)
275g (net), 220g (6.7 oz) (without cord)
Plug Adaptor [6.3mm (1/4 in)]

Technics RP-F290 Digital Monitor Headphone
Single - Side Monitoring
Cord Length 4 m
Frequency response High 27000 hz
Frequency response Low 10 hz
Impedance 22 ohms
Plug size 3.5mm & 6mm
Sensitivity 102 dba