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Yeah socrates I was fortunate in that not too many of my records were thrown out back in those days when CDs were new. Main reasons? 1) CD Players were expensive and 2) CDs were expensive! That saved me. I didn have any money ( as you can imagine) and my dad had already bought me a system in 1977 so I had to stick to vinyl.
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Originally Posted by Rameish View Post
Wow...I too had a Thorens TD280 (cant remember which Mk it was). I liked the semi-auto feature where the arm automatically lifts off the vinyl at the end. (...)
*lol* Yup, the semi-auto - trusty, even if a bit loud for my taste. But least one would be woken up by that "clanck", if the record was boring...

s63: I'd say it could very well have been for the sound quality: At that time, a lot of people only had pretty bad or badly adjusted turntables (often in combination with worn-down needles), or their vinyl was already ruined from bad treatment or by bad tables - so I'm not surprised at all that comparatively few held on to vinyl.

Greetings from Munich!

Manfred / lini
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Originally Posted by socrates63 View Post
It certainly couldn't have been because of the sound quality of vinyl that the masses flocked to the CD.
Er, well it was for me. When I heard CD in 1984 that was more or less it for me and vinyl - this despite the fact that my first CD player was 1.5 X as expensive as my Rega and the software was more expensive as well. I am not anti-vinyl but I do prefer CD.
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Originally Posted by smeggy View Post
I like rcords because they are black. Also, if look carefully, they have a really cool wiggly line that goes from the outside nearly all the way to the middle. They go a really long way if you throw them like frizbees and make a great smashing noise if they hit something.

CDs are really only good as mug coasters, records let you hold a complete dinner plate! If you put one in the oven to heat up you can warp it to make a sweet roller-coaster for your needle and watch it swoosh up and down while it plays. How neat is that!

Records rool.
Besides, have you seen the size of a CD? It's much smaller than a record and only has music on one side so it holds much less music than a big double sided LP. LPs also go slowe so the music lasts longer. I tried a CD on my record player and frankly it sucked, all I got was a scratchy noise and my needle flew off the edge.
Thanks for the many laughs smeggy!
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Originally Posted by Hershon2000 View Post
As someone who grew up & hated vinyl in the 60's solely because the records didn't sound as fresh after several playings & they were eventually scratched up as well as I had to get up & put on different tracks which scratched things up more, I'm totally confused with what seems to be this love affair with vinyl on this & other boards. My beef with vinyl isn't in regards to the original sound quality but the scratches & wear down of the records & having to manually life the arm to skip tracks or being forced to listen to stuff you don't want to hear if you don't want to manually lift the arm. Maybe there have been some advancements or something I'm not aware about since I got rid of my record player 20 years ago.
I'm kinda with you. Living with my dad (who is naturious for not taking care of his stuff), his Vinyl setup just ticks me off. Pops all over the record. I don't think he owns a record without pops and scratches.......... and let's not forget about those skips or repeats. Seriously, if you are going to go vinyl, you HAVE to take care of everything or else it just goes to hell very quickly.

Aside from that though, and considering all else equal, the convience that a CD player or computer offers over vinyl is enough to keep me away. With these digital sources, I can skip trackes easy, rewind, pause, etc etc. For the case of CD's, I don't have to flip it over half way through. ^_^

Bottom line is, i'm a kid that grew up in the digital age. Vinyl will probably never hold a place in my heart the same way my digital sources do. When I get old, i'm sure the young'ings will hate my digital sources.
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