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FS: iRiver H380, H340 with 80gb hdd and 2200mah battery

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As with my other items for sale, this was an impulse buy that I am paying for with more than just money... The wife said HELL NO and no I have to let this stuff go.

What this is, is an iRiver H340 US model. The firmware has been flashed to 1.29K and then flashed again with Rockbox bootloader. I installed the latest version of Rockbox H300 Experimental Build. I bought a brand new Newertech 2200mah battery for a 1st/2nd Gen iPod and reversed the wires for it to work with the iRiver. I also bought a BRAND NEW (EXTREMELY HARD TO FIND) Toshiba MK8007GAH 1.8" 80gb hdd and installed it. So this is about as good as it gets.

I have 58gb of FLACs loaded on the hdd right now as well as 2gb of mp3s. It also has (for S&G's) EVERY official Doom wad on there to play Doom inside Rockbox. I can play FLACs for 18+ hours with this new battery.

I have over $500US in this DAP now with all the mods, plus alot of time. I will let it go for $375US covering shipping and paypal.

i relisted it on ebay here...

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Up on ebay now.
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PMed you about the HD. Thats not up on eBay is it?
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replied to PM. hdd is not on ebay, just the iriver and it's accessories. The wall charger, leather case and usb cable.
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40gb hdd sold
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Price Drop of DAP to $375US
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Apparently you have come further than me. I'm still trying to upgrade my H340 with a toshiba 80 GB disk.

I am struggling to get this to work, and I think my problem is caused by my lack of knowledge of how to format the disk, as I only have been able to format it using NTFS, and then the H300 is not recognised by windows as anythign else but an extension disk. The H340 is booting up, but sees no data, and trying to format it from the H340 menu won't work.

Anyone around who can help me by describing (in detail) how to get this to work?



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