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wateva headphones YOU are using right now are the most overrated headphones eva. and that's the truth

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Currently, IMHO, the KEF M500.

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Currently, IMHO, the KEF M500.



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The JVC HA-S400 are the most overrated headphone I've ever experienced. They are just barely worth their asking price and one can do so much better for less money (Koss Portapro/Sportapro/KSC75, JVC FX67, Sennheiser PX100 etc.)

+1 Same applies to the HA-S500. I really want to like them, wanted to see what the 680 sounds like, but they are just euphonic.

Useful on very poor sounding recordings, but otherwise...
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In the end it all Comes to personal taste, and the compromise you are prepared to make,as the perfect in ears doesn´t exist at least at a reasonable Price.For example, the Rock It Sounds R50 sounds to bright for me, and my JVC HA-FX 1000 somethimes to laid back wich isn´t necessarily a bad Thing, for example with acoustic jazz.The best compromise between the two are my Yamaha EPH-100 wich sounds great with all Music.Overrated are mostly those phones who are very expensive, and don´t justify the Price-tag simply on Hearing efforts, but what makes the Price in the end? If Rock It Sounds R50 were made in the US they would come with at least the double pricetag they now have being made in China. The main question is than , are we prepared to pay for the American worker or do we prefere the cheaper labour of Chinese slaves? Expensive phones are not necesarily the best, as it Comes mostly to the Point where they are made, The Sennheiser IE800 are handmade in Germany, their lower ranges like the CX890i are made in China but also sounds superb. at only 1/ 5 of the Price the 800 costs. Does the diffrence in Price means that the 800 are 5 times better, or even just double as good? No, they aren´t , so beside your personal taste there are also the social issues wich make up to consider, when you buy headphones and or in ears.

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Beats by Dr. Dre.
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