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Originally Posted by boomana View Post
Also, MS1s. I bought them used after reading posts for months. Not worth the price. I happily traded mine for a switchbox. SR-60s are cheaper and, to my ears, as good for that sound. I'll probably pick up another pair one day as my boss made me sell him mine.
Flame him
No, seriously I understand your approach. While the MS1 remains the can I love most, I give in that it has a very ...pronounced and unsilky...way to present its mids, which some might regard as "cheap & screamy". A matter of taste & genre.
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Originally Posted by nickchen View Post
Flame him
I'm a "her."
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Wow...a controversial thread...haven't seen one of these in a while!
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Shure E500. =[
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770/80 for $200
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HF-1 & AKG26P
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JVC mashmallow!
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I wasn't too impressed with Grado SR60, 80, 125 or 225, or Senn HD555's (and some other Senn I can't remember). They all had a nice wide detailed/bright sound, not enuff bass for me.
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CD3000, HD650 (balanced or SE)
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Any headphone bought at the full retail price.
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SR60 and CX300
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senn 600/650 tried em at a meet, i know it's not the ideal environment, but they were boring.
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Grado SR225 - Never has a headphone been hyped so much and delivered so little.

- augustwest
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Philips HP895 & HP805

i prefer my cheaper HP250 anytime anyday...in ALL aspects
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#1: Grado SR60: I don't understand why some people feel they sound better then other $60 headphones. They're OK, but lack any refinement IMHO.

#2: AKG K701: Since it's the newest audiophile phone, it gets recommended way too much

#3 HD650: Follows the k701 as being an automatic recommendation for anything. Being a Sennheiser fanboy myself, I still try to describe the virtues of Sennheiser's other offerings. The HD595 is not that much more inferior as others say, the HD600/580 are worth consideration too.
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