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The official "most OVERRATED headphones" thread

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i don't know if this has been posted before . i'm a newbie in this domain and i think i will have a lot to learn from a thread like this.
i'm sure ya'll audiophiles in here know a lot of models and listened to a lot too, so there surely must be HEADPHONES that you consider OVERRATED. this thread will probably start also controversy

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sr 60
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This thread is a fire hazard, but ill throw in my bunch of rags soaked in vodka.

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I see your HF-1 and raise you a KSC75. They're good. For the money they're staggering. But they're not THAT good.
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i heard ety er4s and wasn't to impressed, so that gets my vote
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shure E500
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Saying they're 'ok' is overrating it
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As if anyone had the officially authoritative and universally valid ears to tell others that they have the wrong preference and sonic ideal...

This thread is obsolete.
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I was wondering how long it would take before someone mentioned bose lol
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Sony V6...please don't hurt me!!
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The current FOTM.

.....whenever it happens to happen.
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Originally Posted by F107plus5 View Post
The current FOTM.

.....whenever it happens to happen.
Right now it's the Prolines. I have the 2500s (with the per-thead requisite burn-in hours plus completed). They sound good and, like most headphones in that price range, do a lot right, but imo, they're not the end-all-be-all that folks are making them out to be. I listened to them almost exclusively for a couple weeks to get used to their supposed unique sound. When I went switched up to my K340s, it was no contest: the K340s blew them away. I'm not giving up on them yet, but FOTM buyers beware.

Also, MS1s. I bought them used after reading posts for months. Not worth the price. I happily traded mine for a switchbox. SR-60s are cheaper and, to my ears, as good for that sound. I'll probably pick up another pair one day as my boss made me sell him mine.
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RS-1 and must say one more, AKG26P!
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Gotta remember that for european headfiers MS-1s are actually cheaper than SR-60. So for us they really aren't overpriced imo.

Now that I got started I could give my vote to Grados in Europe. RS-1 cost 1200€ (almost 1600$) in my local hifi-store. Now THAT'S overpriced IMHO

EDIT: Also Porta Pro, boomy and bloated
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