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I have an amp.. I just don't think it would make the HD580's shine (LDM+).

the HD580's are 300ohm right? while the PK-1's are 150 so i figured the PK-1's would of been the best option.

anyways i recieved the PK-1's the other day and i'm fairly ecstatic about them. I prefer them much over the AKG K81's except on occasion when I just need some BIG SLOPPY bass... the PK-1's resolution/sound is really mind boggling. I thought maybe i was too sold on all the positive reviews and it was possibly some kind of placebo affect but after A/B them with my other headphones (PX100, Sony V6, AKG K81, Marshmallow, MX400) the resolution/detail is outstanding.
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Originally Posted by plainsong View Post
My soundbite comparison is to call them baby ms2i's.
Is that to say a less refined version of the MS2i?
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Originally Posted by xlEnt View Post
I've had the UE SFP5 and was very disappointed with them. I was considering the ER4S or possibly E4c, but I never really liked the feeling of the UE's stuffed in my ears. However, I do find the JVC Marshmallows much more comfortable.

I think i'll just go w/ the Yuin PK1 considering I cant afford a decent amp for the HD580 right now... go big or go home right? And atleast i'd own earbuds on a whole new echelon because I can easily see my self wanting HD650's/RS-1's down the road... its just affording the adequate amplification thats holding me back.
From my short experience with the PK-1's, they need a powerful amp to drive them. The PK-2's fair well without an amp and sound very good for the price. I just received my PK-2's today and other than being bass light, these things are amazing. The detail, impact, separation, everything is incredible.
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Originally Posted by LTUCCI1924 View Post
HI: How are you. I am finding that my PK1 out of my little Dot II++ tube amp and Sony CD/Minidisc deck sounds as good as many of the full size headphones that I have owned with tons better comfort.
Lou, did you get rid of the Philips cans in favor of the Yuins?
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Originally Posted by aluren View Post
so does the pk-1 and pk-2 have the same sound signature (with the exception of pk-1/amp combo)??
yes, they're clearly siblings.
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HI DAVE: How are you. Yep the Philips cans are in a draw with many other things. The only headphone I have kept out is my KOSS UR 40 for my TV Movie listening. The PK1 is so small and light weight with this really big sound that I just cant go back to a headphone for now.I have burned the PK1 for 100 hours and my amp got another 100 hour burn in. So I think today at 1 pm I will turn off my amp and PK1 will be ready for action. I must say that the PK1 are really convent to use.
Oh do you have a good pic of the PK1?
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Originally Posted by fierce_freak View Post
Is that to say a less refined version of the MS2i?
Yeah, but with the caveat that I don't have the ms2i to confirm that. It's just a general feeling. The ms2i is going to do all-around better, but the pk1 gives you that same fun-but-detailed-feeling.
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HI: How are you? Do you have a pic of the PK1 like just one PK1 standing upright?
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I'm interested in the pk1s too, especially with their good reviews.
However, Kramer, you mentioned that the PK1 had slightly lighter, less deep bass am I right? That gave me an idea which was to make a custom mould for the PK1s. I've seen it done with the Ibuds (Shudder), and I think it will increase the bass significantly.

Anyone cares to be our guinea pig?
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Originally Posted by That dude View Post
However, Kramer, you mentioned that the PK1 had slightly lighter, less deep bass am I right?
Yeah... although I seem to be in the minority. to my ears they roll off below ~35Hz. Its not obvious at first, only when A/B comparing it to my other cans, and it is heavily dependent on the listening material.
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I just got a pair of PK1's a week ago, they sound way too bright and err... bassless, without the foams (haven't burned-in them yet, though), I'm actually beginning to think these earbuds were designed to be worn with the foams provided. Unfortunately they get uncomfortable after a while in my ears this way, so they are probably going back.
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I don't know,if my post is for this thread,so if it is not,apologise.

I have ordered Yuin PK1 ,before I read about OK1.

I like and hear, classical and Jazz.What is better for me,from the above?

Something else.

Is there some comparison,between OK1,PK1,και DBA-02?

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In fact, PK1 is China most ictus title and not because of their technology. Is built to a great extent a luck. Not think about a Panasonic earplugs inside resistance will achieve amazing 150om, also nobody would think of two different companies, a Nokia brand machine with headphones shell just can hold the headset speakers. Some people will not think of, the original Engineering Edition is a 8 core copper next earplugs in plus amplifier can introduce so melodious voice. It only luck to explain, no technology, no details. Emerging out of the void, not through the efforts of the implementation below the premise. Not luck is what? You expect them to after-sales and new R & D can reach a high degree of what?? They won't even consider using 80 yuan a moving iron speaker to do the earplug. Why? Because there is no technical follow-up, they didn't do their own products.

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i agree that the details on the pk1 are good but to me the staging is lacking

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Holy thread resurrection! lol

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