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sold a cd. real easy
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I bought some Sennheiser parts, good communication and willing to resolve any problems.
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Sold a Nano to Souperman. Very pleasant transaction. I hope the GF is happy!
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Bought a Cord MOVE from Kevin and it was an excellent transaction. Kevin's communication was top notch from start to finish and the MOVE was exactly as he described it. Highly recommended.
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i bought some ibm trackpoints from him, it was fast, well done, easy and very friendly. I would definitely recommend him.
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I bought Crossroads MylarOne XB from Kevin. Great communication and transaction. Highly recommended.
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Bought two OPA2111 op-amps. Good communication and good price. Thanks.

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I bought a complete set of AD8066, AD8397 buffers, and AD8656 DAC opamp from Kevin. Great to deal with and great help supporting what he sold me.

On top of all that, he had mid-term exams - did he let that deter him from sending me the chips even though I told him I could wait? Absolutely not, he sent them anyway!

A model seller!!!
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I bought a kit of opamps from Kevin and i am really please with the deal, the man gave me constant informations as he received the opamps and all. Great deal, thank you Kevin!
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browndog adapters

Kevin sent me some browndog adapters and soics to solder up for him. He shipped them well packed, payment was prompt, and communications were top notch. It's been a pleasure working with Kevin and I recommend him as a great Hi-Fier.
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I got a couple opamps from Kevin and they came very well packaged and quickly! Great communication all the way! I tested them out and they worked great! Highly recommended Head-Fier! Thanks again!
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Opamps and browndog adapters

I bought some opamps and browndog adapters from Kevin. His communication was excellent and he provided the tracking number for the shipment. When it arrived the components were well packed and exactly in the condition described. It's a pleasure to deal with Kevin; he's a stand-up guy here on Head-Fi.

Thanks Kevin
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Likewise to the previous poster... a great deal. Really good and fast communication, opamps delivered well packed, quick shipping. I'd recommend a deal with Kevin anytime.

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I bought some Op-Amp from Kevin. Items were as advertised, shipment was quick, he provided me a tracking number for the shipment, packing was excellent, and communication was good. I'd recommend him. Thanks Kevin
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Bought a whole lot of opamps from Kevin. Items arrived well and are all working. Would strongly recommend him again. Thanks again Kevin!
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