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Good man. Souperman.

Bought some original Mylars (crossroads) from Kevin.

Came fast, and fast1

Nice IEMs, thanks, Kevin!
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Great guy

I just bought a pair of crossroads Mylar X3s from him. The transaction went smoothly thanks to his great communication, friendly attitude and speediness.

He shipped the headphones as fast as he possibly could and packed them adequately for their journey.

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i just bought some koss cans from Kevin. communication was good and the item was sent out quickly. i imagine we'll do more business in the future. thanks Kevin.
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Bought a Mylarone X3-WH from him, quick communication, received the item the same week he sent them out. He was more worried about the X3's than I was. haha . Great person to buy from.
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This is my second transaction (iPod mini) with Kevin, and still courteous as always. He shipped out the iPod as soon as the post office was open in the morning, and it got to me quickly. Like I said before, don't hesitate to deal with him. Awesome guy. I'd choose him over many other head-fiers if I wanted to buy the same thing from them, which is exactly what I did this time. Thanks Kevin!
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Kevin sent me his personal pair of KSC75 to modify for him. Shipping was lightning fast, as was payment and communication. Kevin is an extremely thorough head-fier, and one everyone should have a chance to deal with. Thanks Kevin!
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Excellent Transaction! Very professional. Fast Shipment!! A+++
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bought alien dac from him. easy/fast transaction
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Souperman is SUPER just like his name says! The E2c and ZV:M accessories are packed securely. He's even thrown in a BSE for me. Great Head-fier!
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Bught Denon D1000

Hi, i bought a pair of D1000 from our one and only Souperman!
He shipped them really fast and even take his whole dinner time to send them to me! I can't thank him enough.and my G-F too because she now use my K81DJ hehe. Thank you souper!
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bought a ppa v2 amp from him..communication was great and the amp was packed really well. Thanks
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Bought a CrossRoads Mylarone XB from him. Great service, really fast too!
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Gosh. Soup must be going into business.

Got a pair of XBs from Kevin, which was shipped before my non-CC PayPal cleared. Trusting soul.....

Hope he's putting his PK-1 on the block soon. Lost my PK-2 today, in my stoned state of mind.
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Just received the modded 75s I bought from Kevin. Great communication and patience in his dealings with me. A solid member of our community.

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Sold Kevin my PK1's. Great transaction. Would highly recommend.
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