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Please put your feedback for me here. Thanks, and happy transactions!
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Bought my VIBES. He paid very fast and we PM fast.
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I am very happy with the Vibes I purchased from souperman. The transaction was flawless and, if anything, he was conservative in his description of their condition.

Thanks, souperman!
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Very happy with the Fubar II I purchased from Souperman. Smooth transaction and quick shipping. Not much else to say!


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Kevin bought my HD595 headphones. Payment was prompt and communication was great. Would gladly do business with him again.
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I am happy with the HD580 bundle cable from Souperman. Shipping is fast and PM response is also prompt.
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Souperman is an excellent buyer. Patient, communicative and prompt payment. Look forward to future transactions with him.
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Soup is all I could have asked for in a seller. His descriptions were clear, conservative, and he left nothing out. Although other head-fiers questioned his credibility (head-fi members have really started to go downhill these days), I trusted him, and I was more than rewarded. A new pair of HD595's were sent to me well-packaged with all the original packaging. To all the head-fiers that doubted souperman, I say you missed out on a great deal and a great seller. Don't hesitate to do business with souperman. You will NOT regret it!
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I bought a pair of used Sen HD595s in excellent condition from Soup. Thanks!
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Excellent Sale!!!

I purchased 2 items and they came extremely fast and well packaged. The main item was a C&C box (mini amp) and it was in PERFECT condition, everything there, just like new! Couldn't ask for more in a seller, Thanks!!!
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Great seller, bought ZV:M skin and accessories and E2c from Kevin and he was very fast in terms of correspondence and shipping!
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Bought a ZenV skin and action case - great communications, fast ship, smooth deal.
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Bought a Zen Vision case from soup
Great communication and fast shipment. Upstanding fella to deal with.
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Another big plus to souperman. He bought a PPA from me... very friendly, very communicative, fast payment. I would definitely do business with him again.
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Bought my Wii. Paid real fast!
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