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Where to demo headphones near London?

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Sorry if this has been posted before; I did try a couple of searches before posting. I live in Stevenage, which is about 40 miles from London and I'm looking for a shop that has a large variety of headphones I can listen to. The local store is good but they only really have Sennheisers (I'm considering the 595s btw). Is there somewhere near here (no further than London preferably) that has a bigger range?
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Tottenham Court Road, central London
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i went to tottenham court road years and years ago before i lived in stevenage (1996-1997) and it was the place to be then. but that was 10 years ago.

try the apple store aswell, they usuaully ahve a few on show. other than that maybe try a sevenoaks sound and vision maybe.
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I believe you can audition at Turnkey on Tottenham Court Road. Best to ring them up and double check as well as find out what's available for audition.

List of shops on Tot Ct Road:

Definitely check out online prices before heading down.
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Hi Everyone,

Very exciting news - we now have a new Headphone Demo Room!

Please have a look at this page which has all the info!

hifiheadphones.co.uk Demo Room

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On Clerkenwell Road, there is Adair Acoustic with a designated headphone bay where you can try lots of different headphones, DACS, and amps.



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