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A Switchbox?

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I'm looking for a device that can take 1 input and expand it into 2 outputs. ie. the output of my DAC goes into this device, then from this device I can have one output to my speaker amp and the other to my headphone amp. If you know of a place where I can purchase one, please reply to this thread or PM me.
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Go to Radio Shack and get a pair of Y-cables. For your outputs these will work fine. Both outputs will be "live" when the DAC is on. Make sure you get the right connectors to match your equipment. If the DAC has RCA jacks, then you'll want Y-cables that have one male connector going to two female connectors.
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since I want to use my own interconnects, will a y-adapter work the same way?
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If you buy the right one, yes
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by the way, has anyone tried this with their setup? will there be any affect on the sound because the signal is now split in half?
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It'll work fine. In theory you'll lose 3dB of signal level, which in theory might lead to a tad more noise in make-up amplification, but in the real world... don't worry and enjoy your music. I've done this and similar things many times over the years.

If you don't like this idea, you could easily build a switch box. Use an aluminum enclosure, get a double-pole, double-throw switch. Mount the switch in the top of the box. On one side mount four RCA jacks. Put two on the other. That's the input side. Solder the hot (center) left and right leads to the center contacts on the switch. The outer leads go to the output jacks. Grounds all get tied together, and they should be isolated from the cabinet except at one point. That's what the insulating washers that come with the jacks are for. You connect your DAC to the input side, your two devices to the other side, and throw the switch to the one you want.
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Thanks for the helpful info
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You could also try:

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