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well, if SQ isn't your biggest priority.
then comfort and value is what you prioritize then?

in that case, try and see how comfortable they are.
bose isn't bad, they just aren't the best.
for noise cancellation i think you would probably be better off with a pair of the sennheisers.
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amazing. i typed "bosecat" into google images, and this was the first pic that popped up. we're famous!

so yeah, burn that image into your brainpan the next time you think about Bose - wear em, expect a flyby from the Bosecat! (and yes, that pic does get progressively worse)
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If money isn't object then go for it, by all means. That being said, for much less of money, you can buy a UM2 which is said to be the most comfortable earphone. Plus it has a more "fun" sonic signature from my experience, and better sound quality than QC3, needless to say
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Why should we talk you out of bose ? It's your ears and your money. I think you've seen enough reasons of bose bashing aound here.

Hearing is believing.... You should go try some other brands in the same price range to hear and feel the differences.
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PXC 450

looks like the PXC 450 might be the best bet. Resale might be better on the bose but I will go with the one that has better sound.

The UE5c's reviews where not that good and the UE10c's are just to much $$$ and to small go bounce around my breifcase.
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I have the original Quiet Comforts (got given a pair), and while the sound quality is pretty terrible, they are comfortable, and do a good job of noise cancelling.
I hate wearing IEMs on a plane, can't stand having my ears blocked with the pressure changes, and don't like having them in that long anyway.
If you are still looking, I wouldn't bother with version 3.

Can't believe I'm recommending Bose :S
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I saw someone wearing a pair of QC2 on my last flight, and to my amusement, the headband was wrapped in shiny red... electrical tape. Bad choice of color, I must say.

I then merrily shoved my ER-6i in my ears, looked down at my rather sucky flash MP3 player and proceeded to cry myself to sleep, piteously wailing all the while. But that story's for another time/thread.
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