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I had decided to buy an X5 but then D2 showed up and now my intention is getting D2. However I also think to buy Trekstor Vibez 12 GB instead since it is available where I live but D2 is in preorder.

What I care is only and only the sound quality. I will most often listen to ambient, free jazz, classical and sometimes electronica. I like warm and rich sound, not so digital in feeling, ample soundstage and I do not care much for sound enhancements. I am not a purist but what I can not stand is flat sound. I will not use any amp since I am against it for portability issues.

Can anuybody make a comparison between Vibez and X5 or D2? I could not find any good comparative review for Trekstor Vibez and I really wonder about its sound quality. Not just good or bad or excellent, you got my point, don't you?