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Well, it seems that Jim decided to start off his career at Head-Fi with a big fat bang! After a few emails between us, he decided to pull the trigger on my Headphiled HF-1s (#197). He was friendly, asked the right questions, paid promptly after reaching his decision, and was a pleasure to deal with. I'd recommend him as a buyer to anyone here based on my experience with him, and I hope he enjoys #197, because I'm gonna MISS 'EM! Thanks Jim - give my babies a righteous home.
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Jim bought my GS-1 and he was a pleasure to deal with. Payment was prompt, as was communication, and he was very understanding and patient throughout the transaction. Highly recommended fellow!!
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jim sold me his im716. paid on friday, arrived early sunday morning ( ) from CHINA. good price, fantastic communication, probably my best transaction on head-fi to date. thanks.
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jim bought ps-1. paid promptly and was patient while check cleared. first rate all the way
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Indigo DJ

Sold Jim my Indigo DJ. It was a fast, clean, smooth transaction. Communication was fast and so was payment. A great buyer.

F. Lo
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I bought HEADAMP GS-1 from Jim. Very smooth transaction. Very friendly person. He shipped item with the fastest and most reliable method available. Packing was top class.
The amp was well used and in top condition. Pleasure to do business with him. Thanks!
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JimP = Super Head-Fier

bought an original iPod shuffle from him, shipped from Hong Kong to Australia in amazing time. Shuffle in great shape and provided everything exactly as his deal described.Thanks again !
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Bought a K81DJ from JimP. He was a real pleasure to deal with. He got the package shipped quickly and followed up on arrival times. The headset arrived securely packed with lots of bubble wrap and in better shape than expected. He even decided to pay for extra shipping costs when it turned out to be more expensive than planned. All in all a perfect transaction! Thanks, man!
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Sold Jim a cable. The transaction was smooth, friendly, and problem free. Highly recommended!
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Sold JimP my Darth Beyer's. Paid promptly and was very easy to deal with. Definately no worries here.
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I sold Jim a pair of ATH-L3000's, and the transaction was incredibly smooth and easy. He was very pleasant to deal with and very prompt with communication and payment.

Please enjoy the headphones and I'd love to see your impressions of them with your system some time!
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PS-1 & Matching C-Pads

I bought Jim's PS-1 and his C-pads both in mint condition.

I have to say Jim is an unusual head-fier and one of the most friendliest I have encountered so far. He was so kind that he let me audition the PS-1 for 2 full weeks before the transaction, to make sure I am not doing on impulse but really think the PS-1 is a keeper. How nice ! Jim is friendly, sincere, responsive and super-easy to deal with. The fact that he is now located in Hong Kong is one of my most exciting finds in the Head-Fi community.

Would definitely recommend Jim to anyone here, and I personally will do business again with Jim anytime.

F. Lo
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Bought an amp from JimP and the deal was smooth throughout. Shipping was fast as well despite the great distance. Very helpful with questions as well. I highly recommend Jim and will deal with him again anytime. Thanks for the great deal.
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Jim bought my DHA3000; a very pleasant transaction!
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I bought a W5000 from JimP

very fast shipping time, careful packaging, great communication can't think of anything negative to say about this seller
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