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New canal phones - Ultimate Ears 5EB?

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I'm considering the UE5EB, but there are no reviews on Headphone Reviews yet.

I like
- Sony EX71 (sound and comfort)
- Creative EP-630 (better sound than EX71, not quite as comfortable, could do with a little more bass)
- Sen 280s (needs WAY more bass)
- Audio Technica A900 (with lots of bass boost)
- CD3000 (not enough bass)

I dislike
- Shure E3 (no trebles)
- DT770 (too much bass)

My source is a creative Zen V+, I listen to dance music, lighter stuff like Sarah MacLauchlan (however you spell it), and occasionally musicals. I don't run an EQ on my mp3 player because the EQ isn't very good. On the PC I EQ up the bass for the A900 and the Sen 280, but I EQd down the bass on the 770 before I sold it.

Any thoughts? Budget US$200.
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I've had 'em for a while now, I like them more than the E4's I used to have, and the Super.Fi5's clearly have better mids and less bloated bass, but bloated bass is fun at times. If you like the sound of the Sony IEM's, you'll easily like the 5EB's more.
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Thanks Bobby. Would you suggest I go with the standard Super.Fi5 rather than the EB? I like my bass but not too much, I run the EX71 and EP630 without EQ on my mp3 player, because it's EQ is pretty poor.
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from what ive read, get the SF5 Pro
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If you didn't like the bassiness of the DT770, you'd hate the EB's. Go for the Pro's.
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Thanks guys. More opinions and suggestions are always welcome
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I've got some UE SF5EB's and whilst I love the sound of them (ace for hip hop) I find them a pain to get a decent seal, I'm always fiddling around with one or the other and it infuriates the hell out of me. I am now considering replacing them with some Westone UM2's.
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Hi NZer

Don't know if you're interested in Shure, but I think Harvey Norman stock a few Shure ones (the one I went to anyway). Maybe you could try ask them to let you try them?

I've got the Super.fi 5pro's and I find that the mids and highs are a tad recessed (I heard its more apparent on the EB). I find I need to EQ (treble boost) for my liking but for a portable rig I find them to be perfect. Would be good if you can find some kind of pouch or container to keep them in if you're using them for your portable rig, my cables get tangled in a mess everytime I fold them away neatly in my bag
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I had Shure E3s briefly, the sucked in the highs IMHO. UM2 is $300 too expensive for what I use them for (mp3 player at work). I have a little bag my mp3 player came in that keeps my cables good, I just wrap them around the player, no worries
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Another vote here for the pros. I own a pair of the pros and have tried the EB's. The EB's, imo, are like a caricature of the pros' flaws - recessed mids and highs. The EB's have these same flaws but to a much, much greater degree, and it certainly doesn't help that what highs and mids are there are covered up by the bloated bass.

Plus, the EB's are HUGE! They'll make you look like you just came out of some horrible surgery to screw your head back together.
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I decided on the Pros, only to find amazon won't ship to me, doh! Going to try headroom and other sponsors.
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Yay for earphone solutions, they accepted my international order, and with luck it will go through
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Nice _b

I'm sure you'll love them.

Tell us what you think of them when they arrive
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I definitely will! Thanks to everyone for their help. If anyone who has EB headphones wants to do a review of them click on "headphone reviews" below - it only takes a few minutes. You can register and write a review right away, but the review isn't online until I approve the user, which doesn't take me long.
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Got the Super Fi.5 Pro today. Find them great for details, highs and mids great, but i'd have liked more bass. Could just be my source (creative zen 5+), plugged into my cheap home stereo they're obviously capable of plenty of low and strong bass. Burning them in now, still playing with tips, see how they go tomorrow
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