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Beyerdynamic DT770 2005 Edition or DT 770 Pro

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Just wondering which you think looks better:
DT 770 2005 Edition or DT 770 Pro
I believe there is nothing else that is different about them, correct me if I'm wrong.
I really like the 2005 Edition...
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IMO the 2005 version looks better and I think there is a difference...like the newer version isn't as bass heavy but don't quote me on that one.
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A search on the forum will turn up some recent discussions about this same topic. The 05 apparently has less bass, but still enough but the mids may not be as good as the pro.
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There is a very basic correction - there is no 2005 version of the dt770/80. While the dt770/80 is still in the Beyerdynamic catalog it is still the one that we have been using these last few years for conversion to Darths and is the most popular amongst Head-fiers and more knowledgeable gamers.....it is in the "Broadcast, Studio" portion of their pages and not the "Consumer" section. They continue to be principally avail. from Guitar Center Stores, (or Headphile if you intend to have Larry build Darthbeyers for you).

The new 2005 version that is stock to consumers is a 250 ohm can. You can get a 32 ohm 2005 pair directly from Jan Meier......or order differing ohm versions from Beyers Manufaktur page on their website.

re bass comments above - the 2003 dt770/80 Pro version has been chosen for modding because this is THE version that provides the most even response among the various models........its' mid are the least recessed when pitted against the 770s' impactfull bass. The overall result of Darthing is bringing the mids more forward and a side benefit is some additional smoothing of the treble. Within the realm of comparing 2003 vs 2005 250 ohm versions - some posit that the 2005 mids are a teensy more forward than the other. Personally, I don't know as I prefer to stay with my Darths and dt990/600.....................gee, I always assumed people bought 'phones with an eye towards achieving the best sound rather than the cosmetics. Guess I'm out of step.
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thanks for info. guys.

Sound is #1, no ?s about it, but looks do matter. Woodies' from
headphile.com, looks sooo good. Few people from here have done this mod and many more commented on looks alone
As could viewed on their site under consumer product they list the silver solid cover and the pro' black and open...
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