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Please use this thread to share your experiences for all transactions with me.
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I sold Hegemon a Dared MP5. Payment was immediate and the transaction went smoothly.

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I sold him my XP-7 amp. Communication was pleasant and payment was very fast. I would definitely do business with Hegemon again.

Thanks again
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I bought a set of Ultrasone 2500 headphones from Hegemon.
The phones arrived promptly, carefully packed, and in
perfect condition.
Communications were clear and cordial.
Highly recommended!
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I bought the XP-7 next.

The sale was awesome. He was very accommodating and a pleasure to work with.

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Purchased a digital coaxial from me. Quick to pay and a breeze to deal with. Thank you very much!
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Hegemon bought a potpourri of stuff, cans, amp, source, cable - lightening quick and absolutely ideal. A real pleasure to deal with.
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i bought an entech 205.2 from hegemon.

excellent packaging, great transaction.

thanks again.
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i recently purchased hegemon's dared MP5. he was easy to deal with and kept great communication throughout. great packaging and the package arrived quickly even though i was on a business trip. an excellent transaction.
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hegemon shipped me a mini2mini IC quickly and with a minimum of fuss. thanks!
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Sold hegemon my Ety ER4P/S headphone. He paid promptly, and was great to communicate and deal with.
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Bought a pair of DT880's from Hegemon. Arrived as claimed and packaged well. An honourable and nice seller.
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I bought an Audiophile USB with Stancor PSU from him. An excellent product and arrived mint condition. It has made my audio so much better!
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I bought a pair of V moda Vibes from Hegemon, communication was quick, and he was quick on dispatching the phones as well as supplying a tracking code. Perfect transaction. Thanks a lot!
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I bought a Chaintech AV710 soundcard from hegemon and it came in great condition. Good seller all around.
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