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FS: Sennheiser HE90 / HEV90

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I have a Sennheiser HE90 / HEV90 combo for sale. I was originally planning to sell this combo to a gentleman in Singapore, but as it turns out, he will not be able to purchase this system for some time it seems. Additionally, he already has an Orpheus combo and I would really love to sell this to someone who would really cherish it like I do with my own combo!

I don't actually have pics of this unit... but I'm sure they are around headfi somewhere. Just search for HEV90 and Neilvg or Orpheus and Neilvg or something. Once I un-lazy myself, I will find some pics if you want to see them.

Both the headphone and the amp are in as near perfect condition as I have ever seen! The tubes are more or less new, NOS Siemens, and I have tightened and screwed in the small precision screws on the headphones.

Some members of this forum have been to my apartment and heard this system. I'm not sure if they are allowed to chime in here, but I'm pretty sure everybody liked how it sounded and thought it was in good condition. Other than some ludicrous power cables and interconnects that I have tortured this system with, I have treated them with kid gloves

I don't really have any feedback, sorry. You'll just have to trust me I guess Or not.

Hmmm... soon? I can't find my battery charger for my camera.

I'd ideally like to sell this system as a combo, BUT, if I find a buyer for JUST the amp first, then I will naturally sell the headphones separately.

HE90: $6500
HEV90: $6500

Total cost: $13,000.

I am actually charging LESS than the price I paid for this particular headphone (sadly) and the same price I paid for the amp. I stand to make no money. I don't want to make money. I don't want to lose any MORE money though, and I'd rather give this system to someone who really could use it! Please do not low-ball this sytem. I will be sad.


PS: I feel like this post came out weird. Must be the foggy cloudy weather in San Francisco right now. =)

PSS: Oh, I just realized that some people might find it odd I am selling my precious Orpheus Combo. I am NOT selling MY Orpheus. This is another Orpheus Combo I happen to have. It sounds more or less identical to mine and I have used it for A/B testing and the like.

Thanks for reading!
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ygpm on the headphones only
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the rarity and price horrifies me...

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Will you help me find a set when the time comes?
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PM sent !!!
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