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Senn 650; Equinox; Grado HF-1; and other

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Due to some forthcoming family circumstances, I’m going to have to drastically bail out of a lot of my gear, plus some other miscellaneous items.
I am NOT getting out of the hobby altogether, but will have to reduce my rig to relative minimalist setup.

I’ve got many items, so will list them all… with the pertinent items at the top of a given post within a given FS section of the forum.

Sennheiser HD650 with Equinox cable: $SOLD
This is an amazing combination when paired with a source capable of keeping up. Beautiful detailing, very different from the stock 650s. Outstanding condition, with original case and outer box. Selling together only, as I do not have the original cable.

The 650/Equinox, and the Electrocompaniet DAC

Grado HF-1 and Mapletree Ear HD-150 combination: $SOLD
This is an excellent mid-level rig, a great match for each other. The HF-1 is #181, the Ear HD-150 is #1. Both are limited edition, and both are in new condition.
The amp is broken in, the HF-1 is not even broken in yet. The amp initially had a very low hum on the low-z output, which has been corrected. No electrolytics in the signal path. Includes the JJ ECC99 and Sovtek 5751 (preferred combination) as well as the Russian 6N6P and Tung-Sol 12AX7 reissue. Has an excellent variable crossfeed, plus hi and lo-z outputs. Cardas input jacks. I'm the sole owner, and am asking what I paid. I don't want to break this pair.

Ear HD-150

Electrocompaniet ECD-1 DAC: $SOLD
The thought of parting with this is killing me; I love it. This has balanced in/out as well as unbalanced in/out. XLR/AES/EBU, RCA, and Toslink inputs and outputs. Four switched inputs, plus two digital outputs: you can have the analog out go to your headphone amp, and pass the digital signal to your receiver or another DAC. Very versatile in any system. 24-bit 192KHz upsampling, discrete output, THD -100dB.

Alpine Car Audio Amplifier, MRP-T220, new in box: $50
70w x 2ch @ 2ohm
50w x 2ch @ 4ohm
140 watts RMS x 1 bridged output at 4 ohms
high-pass/low-pass (80 Hz) crossovers, 18 dB/octave
variable 0-12 dB bass boost at 50 Hz
20 Hz subsonic filter
line-level RCA and speaker-level inputs
8-1/8"W x 2-7/16"H x 9-9/16"D
Link to Crutchfield's info page on this amp.

Yashica 635 twin-lens reflex camera: $SOLD
This is in outstanding condition, including the lenses and coatings. The leather-grained covering is not lifting up and is not torn. Takes 120 or 220 roll film, has pop-up loupe focusing aid, self-timer, hotshoe with PC cord socket, full manual shutter and f-stop. I've owned this camera for the past 23 years, having exposed perhaps a dozen rolls in it. It takes a sharp, clean image. The following picture is the same model:

VH Flavor 1 Cryo’d power cord: $SOLD
Chris Venhausen 9’ long power cord, with Hubbell ends. All cryo treated.

Hospital Grade Isolation: $150 each
Tripp-Lite model IS500HG, 500 watt, with four hospital-grade outlets and a large ground post on the back panel. Mint condition, in box. Two available. $150 each, or $270 for both units.

Mont Blanc rollerball: $SOLD

Meisterstuck model 163. This is NOT a retractible pen like the ballpoint version, it has a seperate cap, like the fountain pen version. The pen has normal wear only, comes with a fresh refill, the original case, outer sleeve, and manual. Original owner.

A very beefy computer...
Dual Xeon workstation: $1,200
Similarly spec’d from Dell, this would run in excess of $3,000.
Supermicro X5DAL-TG2 motherboard-
…(AGP, PCIe 100, PCIe 66, and PCI 33 slots)
Supermicro SC733T-450 tower, black-
…(with 4 SATA drive carriers in a hot-pluggable backplane)
Two Xeon 3.06GHz processors with 1MB cache each
Intel 64-bit 32MB ZCR raid controller
Gloria III graphics adapter
Two GB RAM (max configurable to 8GB)
Two 15K Raptor 74GB SATA disks (16MB cache)
Two 10K Barracuda 160GB SATA disks
Two optical drives (DVD/RW and DVD-ROM)
Optional: Windows Server 2003, 5 lics: $300 add'l.

This chassis, only all in black.
Task manager shows four processors of course. Currently configured with the two Raptors in Raid-1 for boot disk, with the two Barracudas running independently- one for sustained reading, the other for sustained writing. This is an amazing Photoshop and Premier rig as set up. You can RIP material without a hiccup, streaming from drive-to-drive. Dual gigabit network controllers. It is a quiet box as well, believe it or not. This machine has very low hours on it (not left on at all hours), and is not dusty or dirty inside. Wiring is as neat as a pin; I would not have it any other way. Runs rock-solid, has never blue-screened on me, not even once.
I built this machine to assemble and publish a bulky DVD project, which was completed this past fall. I don't have use for this much computer otherwise, and do not have plans for anymore DVD authoring.
Optional: Windows Server 2003, 5 lics: $300 add'l.

Finally, some photography gear is going to have to go also...
Zone VI modified Pentax Digital Spotmeter: $SOLD
Bought this new from Fred Picker, before he passed away. It was modified for Zone VI by Alan Ross, also of Vermont. It’s an outstanding meter, very easy to use, and beautifully predictable. Ideal for medium and large format, in particular. The unmodified meter typically sells for $500, the modified meter was around $650. In excellent condition, with case. Original owner.

Fuji GW690III 6x9 camera: $650
Google around for this. It’s a rangefinder with 90mm fixed Fujinon lens, HUGE. Takes 8 very sharp 6x9 cm wide-angle exposures on 120 rollfilm. 16 exposures on 220. Includes split focusing aid, spirit level, dual shutter releases, PC terminal and hotshoe (sync at all speeds) 1 second to 1/500th, plus bulb. Two-stroke film advance with auto-****ing leaf shutter. This camera performs flawlessly, and the lens has been covered with a UV filter since it was bought, new. Integrated retractable hood. This is in excellent condition, and has only had light use. Includes case. Original owner. Stock image below:

Beseler 23cII XL enlarger w/grid lamp $450
This is the extended-chassis version of this enlarger. It has a Zone VI modified Aristo Cold-Cathode Grid Lamp light source installed. The mods include an internal photocell and pre-heater, and modifications to the power supply, stabilizing the light output for extremely consistent results. The gridlamp covers the entire negative carrier with cool, even light, unlike the normal condenser, which is overly-contrasty, and also causes the negative to buckle on long exposures. I do still have the condenser set and incandescent light source. The Aristo unit alone, unmodified, was $300. Includes the Beseler 50mm lens, a Nikkor 73mm lens, 35mm carrier, 120mm carrier, and 6x9 carrier. Will also include an excellent stand focusing scope. Original owner.
This is in immaculate condition, and is large and heavy. Buyer beware if not in New England.

Schneider Componon-S 135mm lens: $350
No scratches, perfect coatings. Barrel is in mint condition. With box. Includes lensboard to fit the Beseler 23CII XL enlarger. Original owner. The street price for this lens is $700.

Gralab 645 digital interval timer: $120
This will cycle the darkroom light with the enlarger if you choose. Excellent condition, and even has the plastic film over the display window, still. With manual. Original owner.

Thomas Duplex Safelight: $100
Sodium-vapor safelight with dual operating leaf doors, and quad filters (2-OC and 2-1A). This is the standard, you can read a newspaper by it and work in confidence. It’s old, but is in very good condition. Includes bulb. This is a heavy unit, hangs from the ceiling via small chains.

Meade ETX125EC telescope: inquire
Maksutov-Cassegrain 125mm scope, with two fixed, and one zoom eyepieces. Camera T-mount adaptor, nebula filter, barlow lens, equatorial wedge, heavy steel tripod, autoguide and PC interface.

Six foot ABS darkroom sink: $75
Black ABS, no cracks. Local pickup only.

Check or money order GREATLY appreciated. Paypal, please add 3%.
Shipping is additional, and at cost. My feedback here is outstanding.
Prefer to sell within the Continental US. The workstation cannot be sent overseas.
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VH Flavor 1 cord is Sold.
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marantz dv7600 > electrocompaniet ecd1 > modified mad ear+ > hd650 w / equinox >> man, it is still in my brain & heart even after 6 months since I listened them for 10 minutes... good luck
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Mark, send me an email please.
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Ear HD-150 and HF-1 are sold, thank you.
Senn 650/Equinox are sold.
Mont Blanc is sold.

DaveDerek: email sent.

Ooztuncer: thank you kindly, I love(ed) it also. Keeping the amp to the bitter end, and crying over potentially loosing the DAC.
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The ECD-1 is sold.
Let the mourning begin.
Thanks to everyone who inquired into it.
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Zone VI digital meter is sold.
The Yashica camera is sold. Thank you for looking.

The medium-format Fuji is still available, as is the enlarger, and some other bits.
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