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AKG 701 as Fatiguing as Senn HD600s?

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there was a quality in the HD600s that had my ears ringing after each session, but it's not present with the HD650s or the HD595s. I would like to try the K701, but I hear it can be bright, so for the people that have both of the above cans, can you tell me which one is more refined and less fatiguing?
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Assuming that the 600 has a similar signature to the 580 (and it should), I've never found the 580 fatiguing. But then again, I drive them with a Little Dot II++ and generally listen to vinyl. Perhaps the 600 and 580 are "fatiguing" with digital sources and solid-state amplification? Haven't heard (yet) the 701s - still looking for a good deal on a pair.
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I have heard both the HD580 and the HD600 and the HD600 are a bit more refined and have more smoothed over highs, but still has the gritty and mild glare like midtone quality of HD580.
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I am going to join that question too.
I also wonder if anyone can throw in how hd595 and k701 compare in the general sense of the sound signature?
(although I don't have any fatigue issues with any of the mentioned senns).
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I have the 600's and the 650's, and have had the 701's and 595's and 580's.

I agree, the 595's and 650's do not have the admittedly very, very slight glare of the 580's/600's.

That glare, for lack of a better descriptive term (grain?), can be slightly fatiguing.

I don't think it's possible to become fatigued by the 595's or 650's (for better or for worse!).

Now, the 701's - - -

They are a VERY good headphone, just not for me. My complaint is that they are a tad "thin" sounding, without a rich harmonic structure. Again, I have no clue if I'm using the right words here. But you get the drift.

The 701's are, though, very clear and detailed.

I did NOT ever find them fatiguing from brightness, though. I was expecting that, and was quite impressed that they didn't tire me. They are a very refined headphone, more so than even the 600's.
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Maybe you don't find the Sennheisers engaging enough, so you have to crank the volume too much and that makes them fatiguing? I recall some other Sennheiser owner said something similar a couple days ago. Also, I used to own the HD580 (which essentially sound the same as HD600) and I had a similar issue. Maybe you should get a brighter or more lively set of cans that sound exciting at lower volume levels?
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I agree, since the Senn HD6 cans have such a full sound, they are best listened to at lower volumes. Although I don't find the HD580 particularly fatiguing, I can hear how it can be at higher volumes. Of course, source and amp are also factors in the final sound of most headphones, and the Senns driven by tubes sound very smooth.
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Would the 701 have a thinness issue with a tube amp though?
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I had similar trouble with the 580/600 in that they were dull sounding so I ran them at higher levels to pep them up but it does lead to fatigue and in my case annoyance as they just never sparked no matter what I did or what I ran them through. I could never get rid of that muddy, distant sound. I found them very distracting for the wrong reasons. Haven't heard the 701 so I can't say whether they'd be less fatiguing or not for me but I know I prefer something more open and in your face. The 595 was better to my mind but still not very comfy imo.
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Here is the post I was referring to: http://www.head-fi.org/forums/showpo...&postcount=112
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I find my 595's less involving than my 701's. I'm really surprised at the volume level I use for my 701's. I actually listen much lower than normal.
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thats probably the first time ive heard the 701 is good for low volume listening

very interesting
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And this thread is the first time I've seen the 600s referred to as "fatiguing."
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I like them alot of high volumes as well, I just find myself listening lower on as an average of the time I spend listening to headphones.
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I like the idea of lower level listening, I try to keep it down with most music. And actually I have heard of it before, some people say k701 sounds best at lower volumes while at higher volumes it loses control (although those being beyond sane listening).

hd595 can sparkle a lil with solid state amps, but not all that much, no clue if I can get that to happen with tubes (gotta try some different ones).

Laxx, apart from the treble, is the balance overall similar between hd595 and k701 or what differences are there? I am honestly looking with hd595 sig with a bit more air and soundstage. (not dt880 with its mid recession).
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