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I didn't even know Denon made a stand-alone DAC. It's a nice looking piece, though.
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Nate did a hell of an job on the amp. I love it. They synergy with the HF-1s is great, and it looks even better than it sounds.

Thanks for the comments on the headphones. They did come out pretty well. The lathe has been a lot of fun to have. The zebrawood was something I had been trying to find for over 2 years, so I was pretty psyched to finally track some down.

And I too didn't know Denon made a stand-alone DAC until I stumbled across the one for sale on Audiogon. It's a PCM-1702 based DAC and it sounds pretty good as it sits. I'm looking forward to doign some mods to it, but there are no glaring faults, so I've been a little hesitant to tear into it.
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As requested...

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Oh, man - those are beauts!!! You should be very proud!
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oh no

those are amazing. yes. you should be proud. you do good work. thanks for taking some extra pics.

what is the size of the wooden chamber. it's looks big. is it bigger/deeper than an RS1. also are you using the stock cable or something else.
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Thanks guys.

Regarding the chamber size, I have no idea how the size compares to the RS-1. I've only used the RS-1 a few times at meets, and didn't take any measurements. I've just found that I seem to like these headphones the more open I'm able to make them, so the deeper cups, open screens and lack of buttons have all made audible improvements to my ears. These cups in particular have a lot of wood beyond the chamber, for no other reason than I was a big fan of the grain in the piece of zebrawood I had found, so I wanted to keep as much material as possible after turning them. I love the face on the grain, and the depth from the face to the grill shows a lot of grain as well.

edit: I almost forgot... It's still using the stock cable. I have gone back and forth with what I want to recable it with... Stick with copper, go with silver-plated copper or go to silver. I'll decide sooner or later!
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thanks for the comments. your headphones have inspired me to make a thread devoted to woodied grados. could you please post your pics and whatever comments you want in the below thread. the more that post, the better it will be. i posted my pair of woodied SR325s.


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