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a700 or a900

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is the a900 really necessary? i wouldn't be using these for analytical listening. it would be mostly for movies and whatnot. they will be a pair of headphones i will pick up to use when i know i have to wear headphones for a good portion of time (comfortable) and i know AX00's are very very comfortable cans and people have used w5000 pads on their a900 i was wondering if the a900 are a different build than a700's (this is of course i decide not to blow my wad and buy the a900 and get the a700's instead)
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I ordered the a700s since i heard there is not much difference between a500 to a900, so the a700-900 gap should be even smaller. Mine were from an amazon vendor for 116 shipped. A900s cost 179 plus shipping.

look at this thread http://www.head-fi.org/forums/showth...a700+review%22

Later on he compares a900 with a700. Good luck deciding
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nice link there, good read. Sounds like it's worth saving $50 and going with the A700's. Been thinking about a closed set of AT's for a bit now....
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