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Bone Conducting Headphones

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Any chance anyone can get ahold of a pair of Thanko's Vonia bone conducting headphones and report back? Looks interesting.

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Looks uncomfortable... I wouldn't want sound conducted through my temples . In my mind, I can't see how sound would be better this way.
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Those look bonkers... I would totally try them out. Playing a drum n' bass or dubstep track through your bones... now that would be an experience....
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If you have sideburns, would the sound be veiled?
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Just tried a pair of bone conductors in Tokyo (a different brand) and was pretty unimpressed. They certainly didn't offer any SQ advantages over regular headphones, and they weren't cheap either. IIRC they were over US$100.
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They could be for the hearing impaired...??
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Could be very useful for the hard of hearing
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I kind of think you'd look like an idiot if you wore those around ;p
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implants implants, the way to a blissful future...

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Originally Posted by sayrum View Post
implants implants, the way to a blissful future...

Yes but a real pain in the a.. when they are due fro service or upgrade
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Why not?
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Originally Posted by Claus-DK View Post
Yes but a real pain in the a.. when they are due fro service or upgrade
especially if you plant them in your a..
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wonder if this is for bassheads. BTW, you'd really be able to feel the bass if you got implants all the way down to your a**

other then that, I just don't get this concept: how can it improve the sound? Even hard of hearing folks normally are hard of hearing because of a damaged chochlea.
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These thigns probably work the same way as the Soundbug, which you can stick to windows and things to generate a speaker anywhere. I used to stick mine to my forehead. A rather disconcerting experience when the music seems to come from inside your skull. You also needed a fair bit of pressure for a half decent transmission of sound.
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Just looked up some of the other products Thanko markets.....boy, what a weird company! Their other hits are USB powered heated slippers, eye warmers, and mice. A gold USB hub. I like how the review of it says that it's the "first Thanko products we've ever seen that actually looks valuable".

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