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SOLD: Xin Supermacro IV LE with Opamps and More...

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I recently got Supermacro LE. It's in perfect cosmetic and working condition. It sounds excellent but I still prefer my updated Supermacro 3V6 with AD797 opamp and I need to reduce my portable amp to just one. The LE battery life is excellent compare to my Supermacro 3V6 (with AD797). I never measured it's battery life...since it's dependent on specific opamp configuration. For more information on Supermacro IV LE, you can search Xin's forum

I will ship it with 6241 opamp & 8201 buffers installed. This gives me similar sound as AD797 sound I was looking for...but it has little more "air" and very good bass extension as AD797. When shipping, I will put the battery in a separate container fully charged and ready to be used. The batteries will NOT be in the amp when I ship.

NOTE: New owner should be familiar with opamp swapping. Unless you are going to use the amp as shipped, if you are new to opamp can be a challenge just to open up the case.

I will include following:
1 x 6241 (installed)
2 x EL8201 Buffer (installed)
2 x AD8616
2 x AD8656
1 x AD8397
3 x Opamp Bypass Pins (one installed)
Universal Charger (set to output 7.5vDC, center positive, and 120vAC input)
4 AAA 750mAh rechargeable batteries (it's old but it still works...recommend new owner replace it)
Cardas 6" mini-to-mini cable

I am asking $SOLD (absolutely FIRM) shipped to Cont. US. I prefer postal money order or personal check if you have good feed back here. If you must, I will take Paypal but with standard 3% paypal fee. New Supermacro LE from Xin with opamp option and shipping is about $400, and about 2 months of waiting.

If you are interested, please PM me. I have long standing feedbacks here.

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