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Originally Posted by anetode View Post

No you shouldn't. That way, when the 009/BHSE do arrive, their comparative awesomeness will be all the more of a pleasant shock.


Thanks for the response. I apologize about another is this better than that question, but I have no way of demoing a 009/BHSE combo so if I buy it will be going in blind or more appropriately deaf :)
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Apples and bananas comparison. LCDX all have that ortho'ish sound of being tad laid back, fun and engaging. The 009 will sound brighter in comparison but it offers out night and day difference with detail and clarity retrieval.

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Originally Posted by eric65 View Post

One great thank you Arnaud for the translation of the first part of my review. regular_smile%20.gif



Now I really want to try a 009 with my WEE devil_face.gif

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This review is a very different take from Tyll's amp shootout with the 009s recently,

and also my impressions and what I *think* is the consensus that the 009s tend to brightness.

I use the 007t/ii amp with my 009s (and warmish system cables) to tame brightness.

I have never heard the 009s described as dull or rolled off, just the opposite.

(I'm not questioning the integrity of the review, I just wanted to point out that it seems to be a unique take on things.)

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Hello rgs9200m


The “luminosity” of the 007 mk2.5/mk3 concerns only the top of the treble (the ssss)

The “brightness” of the 009 concerns especially the top of the midrange (the chhhh)

With my system incorporating an drive + dac high-end (Audiomat) + cable also high-end, the feminine voice can be a little bit hard with the SRM 727, especially at strong level of listening; it is less the case with de SRM 007t2, softer and more sophisticated than 727 with 009.

For what I blame the SRM 007t2 it is a certain lack of life; a too much polished sound which can in the long run become boring.

It is not the case of the combi RKV-WEE + 009 that gathers the best of these two amplifiers (The rhythm, the life, the dynamics, the soundstage and the beauty of the timbre), without their defects.

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Here the machine translation of google of the second part of my review.

link : http://www.homecinema-fr.com/forum/casques-haute-fidelite/club-des-heureux-proprietaires-de-casques-stax-t29819561-3870.html


Comparison of SRM 727, SRM 007t2 and RKV-WEE on the 009 and 007

Message "April 6, 2013 4:38 p.m.


Hello, I continued listening this afternoon three amplification systems Stax headphones SR 007 and SR 009 mk3 at my disposal: Stax SRM amp 727-II (mine) SRM 007t2 (as Pierre) and combi RKV MK2 + WooAudio WEE.

Results of the listening test another CD, this time for voice, the sublime of the beautiful Nolwenn Leroy (pop singer) on his last Recording for the album "O Water Girls".

Albums recorded quite well or at least better than the previous, sometimes inspired by the Celtic and Irish music, music that may appeal or less attractive, the central theme is the sea and its legends. 


Like yesterday, I proceeded with method, and the results are no different ...

First listen tracks 1, 3 and 6 of this album Nolwenn Leroy with my amp SRM stax headphones 727 + SR 007 "mk3 "(modified version of SR 007 mk2.5 by blocking the vents).

Results: The soundstage is still intimate (not very large), the bass is still soft. On the voice of the singer, she is very sensual, very focused on the lower midrange; the top of midrange midrange is always giving back to voice a character somewhat erased back. The top of treble meanwhile still (too) present with some emphasis on sibilants ssss.


Listening to the same songs with my headphones SR 007 mk3, but this time plugged into the amp SRM 007t2 Peter, I found listening much better with improved voice timbre (even better), mitigation sibilance on sss (less active), and also improved bass (better required). It is more balanced, harmonious listening (versus listening made ​​with 727). The soundstage is a little wider, cleaner. Dynamics remains wise. listening mk3 with the 007 007t2 SRM is generally more pleasant, less tiring in the top of treble with the 727, a little more refined, but not a lightning war momentum. (NB: I take the conclusion of my first CR) 

So I end the same preference to listening to the amp with headphone 007t2 SRM SR 007 mk3 amp compared to the SRM 727 used with the SR 007 mk3 , this time to listen to the voice of Nolwenn, and this even more clear than when I first CR with CD Petrucciani and Grappelli.


Now to listen to the same CD Nolwenn Leroy with my SRM 727 + SR 009 headphones. Listening is quite different from the headphone SR 007 mk3 + SRM 727. 

Lot of criteria on audio, listening is much better.

With the SR 009 (+ SRM 727), the definition is much better compared to SR 007 mk3 (+ 727): more details, more intelligible, more presence to the voice. The soundstage is wider, more detailed than the 007 (its open). Dynamics is much better, with low dry articulated clearly legible, always a little less intense than those of SR 007, but much clearer. The voice is clearer, with less body (low midrange) with the 007, but it is much more present and especially appears to be more realistic, but in some respects, with the 727, this feminine voice may sometimes appear as hair accents sometimes hard on chhhh, especially at high listening levels sound. Raising the volume, this drought is accentuated with sometimes a slight disembodied voice. However, there is no problem with sibilants on sssss with 009 (+ 727) 007 mk3 unlike (+ 727). As in the first CR I think with the 009 + SR 727 sound is pretty lively, dynamic, but sometimes a little hard in the high (the chhhh) at high sound levels. 


When is it now to listen SR 009 headset with SRM 007t2 Pierre? (Always with the same CD Nolwenn) As I said in the first CR, SRM 007t2 differs from the SRM 727 by a little less presence in the bass, although very clean with 009, and a light attenuation of the top treble (always compared to 727), which is quite beneficial for mk3 007 headphones (enough shimmering in the extreme high and low generous). Undoubtedly, the timbres of the SRM 007t2 are more refined than the 727 which in comparison are more "raw", this is especially true for listening to the voice of the pop singer Nolwenn, this beautiful voice on the SRM 727 is even more beautiful for the quality and finesse of stamps with SRM 007t2, there is no doubt. 

But there's always a catch with the SRM 007t2 is that the voice loses some of its emotional and charm: the voice is less "sexy" as restraint and Academic singer recites the text (well incidentally) with SRM 007t2, but she does not sing with the emotion should be: something is missing, that's for sure: it's beautiful, smooth, polished, "clean" it feels scented soap, no sweat ... (excuse me for this daring comparison ). As I said in my first CR, it still lacks something 007t2 (compared to 727): a bit of life. Finally, with the 009 + SRM 007t2, listening is good, but too wise and can even become boring. 


Finally, I heard for the SR 009 headphones with RKV-WEE and made ​​several return with SRM 007t2 Peter to clearly identify the differences (always on listening to the CD Nolwenn Leroy, the same securities). 

I like the voice of Nolwenn (even on radio-CD in the kitchen), but with the WEE + RKV-009 (and everything behind it) I can not be that lover, conquered and unconditionalSoundstage of The WEE + RKV-009: it is still surprisingly large, spacious, well detailed, very mixed. Above all, there is always life, rhythm, relief and it is no appeal from listening to the SRM 009 007t2 which by contrast seems too polished and sanitized, too "clean" (remember the smell of soap ). There is strength, conviction and emotion in the voice of Nolwenn, vibrant, sensual involved. We can not be than moved. The timbres are superb, both sweet, sweet, maybe a chouille less elegant than the SRM 007t2 (but more than the 727), but less so polished and smooth than the SRM 007t2, and so much more alive and expressive. 


Anyway, the rendering of voice and rendering of dynamic headphones SR 009 associated RKV-WEE goes really far, far beyond the SRM 727 (which is not a bad amp with 009, but a little fishing on some of its hardness and voice recordings (especially in high volume listening sound) by a certain harshness stamps, and a soundstage less generous than that of the RKV combi-WEE). SRM 007t2 is also left behind, despite the apparent beauty of the timbres, elegance, but too much wisdom can turn asepsis, then boredom ...



Nolwenn Leroy (French pop singer)

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Originally Posted by rgs9200m View Post

This review is a very different take from Tyll's amp shootout with the 009s recently,
and also my impressions and what I *think* is the consensus that the 009s tend to brightness.
I use the 007t/ii amp with my 009s (and warmish system cables) to tame brightness.
I have never heard the 009s described as dull or rolled off, just the opposite.
(I'm not questioning the integrity of the review, I just wanted to point out that it seems to be a unique take on things.)

I haven't tested the 007t2 in my system but two friends here did extensive comparisons with the 727A in their own rigs (both 009 owners) and I believe they both converged toward similar conclusions. Anakchan is one of them so maybe he'll chip in at some point.

As for the behavior of the 009 at higher volume levels, I also noticed it and it is consistent with Tyll's review.

Maybe my translation of Eric's words wasn't very good smily_headphones1.gif. There's a second part I will get to when time permits.

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Stax DMA-X2 that sure don't look like they were well cared for.



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Hey! That chick is nekked.

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Originally Posted by livewire View Post

Hey! That chick is nekked.

She's French, it's okay...

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I like nekked
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I'm new to Stax, got some Lambdas and now looking to get some Sigmas. I've had a normal bias pair offered to me for about £650, is this a fair price for Sigmas?

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$600 tops I would pay.

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Unfortunately they are becoming pretty hard to find at around $600 if you're keen for a pair. 


I assume they are in good condition for that kind of asking price?  I've seen the PRO versions going for more recently.  I haven't seen a normal bias pair sell in a while.

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