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Eh, it's really for my own catharsis than the hope of him changing anything (why should he care when he makes hundreds of dollars from the results of his scumbaggery?)

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Originally Posted by Tus-Chan View Post


Show me some proof of this and I'll shoot off a message to the seller. I hate flippers, they're leeches on the hobby.

While I don't have physical evidence and with my message removed by ebay coming as seller doesn't exist, I know it's musicshen because of his feedback rating and the 2 negatives he received, location where he is located in CA which is the location Currawong posted in a thread on these boards of sellers/flippers banned to avoid. I believe takaoto also purchased his vintage Sony DR-Z5 off him as I watched the item listed on sale for months and the fact that he is the one selling the overpriced pink driver RS1's already mentioned in this thread few pages back:




And I have been following and looking at all the can's and amps his listed up for sale. I'm the perfect eBay lurker doing my duty 5 hours a day.


Even if you report his to eBay it's no point. eBay themselves are as scumbaggery and dodgy as the seller himself, because of people like musicshen, eBay can make more money. It's sad I know.

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regarding this one:


I think this is the guy I unwittingly sold my normal Bias Sigma. He is from El Cerrito, took down the previous add and now resurfaced with a new one without the SRD7. Could be wrong but doubt it.

Funny, I had it on sale here for 550.00 including a brand new SRD7, and was told 550.00 was asking too much for it and had no serious offers until he sent me a pm. Wish I would have known he was an ebayflipper.

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Yeah that's gogators Aka: nkkuma/nkkuma1/socialscene/faithmore/leixingzhe

He sold me a pair of SR-007 that had the leather falling off in pieces and claimed they were in perfect condition. Pictures were dark and misleading. Managed to salvage a little money from him to offset the cost of new leather pieces basically taking it to near mint condition afterwards.

He was kicked out of the recent SF Bay area meet.
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Wow! he had the nerve to show up? which ID tag was he wearing? LOL

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CEE TEE recognized him and tried to give him his name tag. He left instead.

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Hmm... took me a while before I got the scarlet letter reference. :P

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ha! thats is very funny!

Are you pulling my leg? It'd be great if you guys really had an ID like that.

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Gogators shows up and sneaks past the registration desk when he arrived at the meet. I followed him and ask if he wanted to check in at the front, and he said "oh, I'm not a Head-Fi member, my friend told me I could show up". At this point, I didn't know if he was Gogators or not.

Apparently CEE TEE recognized him while he was walking around the meet, and yanks him out of the listening room. He brought him to the front desk and asks him, "hey, where is your name tag?"

Gogators: "Oh, I don't have a name tag. I'm not on Head-Fi."
CEE TEE: "You sure about that? I think we printed out a name tag for you"

*CEE TEE then pulls out this tag and slaps it on Gogator's chest*

Gogators: *nervous* Oh, umm you have me confused. This is not me.
CEE TEE: You sure about that? You're not ? You're telling me you're not that guy that I saw drop off headphones at rhythmdevils's house that one time??
Gogators: Umm... uh... I don't like this anymore! *rips off name tag and storms out*

We all thought it was extra special that CEE TEE was the one who kicked him out, because anyone who has met CEE TEE will agree that he is THE friendliest, most cheerful and bubbly dude you will ever meet.
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Sorry to shift gears, but a question for the experts--  Since last showing up on this thread, I've managed to shed everything and start over with a new 007A and a used 007 to go along with a 404LE and several older STAX phones.  I'm still running everything through a used T1, which sounds really nice, and a Luxman DAC, which I also picked up used.  I am going to upgrade the components slowly and if at all possible carefully, while putting funds aside for a 009 and more powerful amp and DAC, but I was wondering, should I be looking at one of the current STAX drivers, the 007tA or 727A to drive the 007 and 007A?  The prices are so much better here in Japan, and I've found a number of them used.  Will it make a big difference from the T1, or is the money better spent elsewhere?  At the moment I see several used 007tAs here for about US$1,200.  Thanks in advance for your thoughts--

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Originally Posted by Maxvla View Post

We all thought it was extra special that CEE TEE was the one who kicked him out, because anyone who has met CEE TEE will agree that he is THE friendliest, most cheerful and bubbly dude you will ever meet.


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Thanks for the story. One of the best I have read around here evil_smiley.gif

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Originally Posted by spritzer View Post


The ESP6 is nothing if not a torture device.  At almost 1kg, a tiny headband and ample clamping force it's not a pleasant experience.  Sounds like crap too compared to a Stax SR-1 or SR-3 of the same vintage. 


Don't forget the rigid vinyl, incompressible silicone-filled earpads....



One of those "What were they thinking...?"  products.

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That is the funniest story I've read in a long while.

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Originally Posted by Michgelsen View Post


Important to know is that the amp has in fact only one input. This means:

- there can only be one source connected to the amp at any time.

- the switch is not an actual selector such as you would find on a preamp, or on certain Stax tube amps. It simply provides the option to use either RCA or XLR for maximum compatibility; you cannot use both at the same time.


The loop/parallel function works simply by connecting the two pairs of RCA connectors of the amp to each other. If you were to open up the amp, you would see that both terminals for each channel are soldered together (left to left, and right to right). In essence, this is nothing more than a splitter behind the casing. Here the same rule applies: there can only be one source connected at a time. It also follows that it doesn't matter to which of the two pairs that source is connected. Both pairs are connected anyway. When using a splitter it also doesn't matter which cable goes where exactly. Additionally, this 'splitter' is completely passive and therefore it works even when the amplifier is turned off.


Indeed, the only thing the RCA-XLR switch does is ground the - pin of the RCA so the amp works as it should.  Same thing a RCA/XLR adapter does. 


Originally Posted by milosz View Post


Don't forget the rigid vinyl, incompressible silicone-filled earpads....



One of those "What were they thinking...?"  products.


The design is a kinda cool though if not close to the Stax levels of awesome.  The ESP6 being closed would have backwave issues so Koss simply grounded the - stators and only drove the + stators.  Very high ratio transformers and a "regulated" bias supply (zener string).  I really like the overload indicators, so bloody simple it isn't even funny. 

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