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Originally Posted by boomana View Post
I'm enjoying music more in that I rediscover my cds and run out to find new ones with every change I make. Tonight I'm settling in with the Mosaic Select Paul Chambers CD set a fellow head-fier kindly left at my house. I've been listening with three different headphones, two amps, and one tube change. I finally found what I like best (this time ) and am totally kicked back in love with what I'm hearing. Tomorrow I'll try something new or listen to the same all over again.

Listening to music is a love. Listening to gear is play. Why not enjoy both?
Wow, I'm impressed... Mosaic Select: PC.... nice choice!!

It's definitely about the music!
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Originally Posted by mminutel View Post
Upgrading is just about all I think about anymore. A new soundcard and some HD590s and I will be happy, or will I? I hear about people using their first set of cans for years but after i got my k 81 djs, all i think about it upgrading. I often wonder if the next step up is night and day like my first stepup was. I would have a 1200$ stack right now if it wasnt for my parents wanting me to save money for college .

You really need to get out of that mindset, once in it there's not really anything that will satisfy you irrespective of what you buy. You'll also never fully enjoy the music because you'll spend all your time analysing the gear and wondering...

Buy new phones because they might be interesting or sound really good, that's not the same as upgrading, it's entheusiasm for new sounds and you'll be buying for the right reason. Better is a subjective term, there are no absolutes in this hoby. Different or expensive is not always better. My personal preferences in sound goes like this...

Stax SR-X Mk3... $200 from ebay, old and out of production.

AKG K1000.... $700 from ebay, old and out of production.

Koss KSC75... $20, new from Radio Shack that to me easily beats the Grados and Senns I've heard for my sound preferences.

I certainly didn't need the expensive AKG, but it was intriguing and I had the cash from selling other gear. No internal pressure on myself, no desperate longing, no crushing desire, just the thought they might be cool and if not I could easily sell them.

Do it for fun, not from a desire for 'better' as better is an endless trip in futility.
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Originally Posted by smeggy View Post

Koss KSC75... $20, new from Radio Shack that to me easily beats the Grados and Senns I've heard for my sound preferences.

Same here. A well modded ksc75 is simply beautiful.
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Hm...definitely not about the gear but different flavor the music gets from different headphones.
I actually am trying to increase my cd collection and add sacd capabilities so I can expand upon music I have and enjoy rather than listen to the same stuff over and over with newer phones...getting a nice tube amp in the process can't hurt anyone

But ya, if you are constantly think about how much better the sound can be - get out of this now and get back to enjoying music. Listen to the music, not bass/treble response xD
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not me... .Its all about the tunes. Yeah I enjoy hyper-analyzing gear and headphones, its fun disecting sound and the differences between gear. But none of that puts a big SMILE on my face, gets my foot tapping, and head banging like a great vocal melody, guitar/keyboard riff, or drum rhythm.
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Just get something with a completely different sound sig (Grado SR60 or MS1 should just about do it)
Or even KSC75.. they're fun sounding easily enjoyable cans
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I will have to respectfully disagree with most of you guys here.

"gearheaded" activities are part of the fun, whereas listening to music is another part, of the whole head-fi. Neither alone will be complete. A good analogy will be fishing (I don't fish at all though) -- if one fellow fisher post question like " Are we not enjoying the good taste of fish as we should? ", it will be silly. The whole, pointless, action of putting the bait/throw it/wait, wait, ... (probably listening to headphone )/ Catch! / retrieve / amazed at how big the catch is / throw it back to the water .... [repeat].

A hobby is just that, it you enjoy it then it is GOOD and makes sense to you. some guys think listening/enjoying to music is boring too and they prefer ..... you know.

So as long as we have the env and the financial means, we should enjoy as we can. There are soooooooo many circumstances that will prevent us from enjoying anything -- illness, war, loss of job, .... I really feel I am lucky that I have the time/resource to be on this forum and enjoying all the debates, then going back to A/B my gears..... It's fun and let's keep it that way.
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Remedy for Rig Fixation-itis: The Head-Fi Music Forum

For those of you find yourselves getting distracted from your music by the attention focused on the rig used to listen to the music, do yourselves a BIG FAVOR and spend more time with other Head-Fiers on the Music Forum. This is where we talk to each other about the MUSIC and the artists who bring it to us. It's a very active, informative and enriching Forum in which to remember that the point of improving the listening instrument is to experience improved listening. I, personally, in just the last few weeks, have picked up no less than three exceptional recommendations for artists whose music I LOVE (and have never heard of before). Plenty of folks on Head-Fi use their well-tuned rigs to immerse themselves in their music - and are only too happy to share their recommendations and listening experiences with the rest of us.
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Originally Posted by exX08 View Post
Since I have wondered into the high quality sound world I am constantly asking myself to get some money together to upgrade new headphones. I can't enjoy them because I always wonder if there is anything better out there? I only have one set of nice headphones (ER4P) and although I love music, and always will, this question bugs me. So are the people that arn't head-fi'ians enjoying the music more than we are?
oh wait till you find "room acoustics's"....talk about fixing on something..

i gave up, i found strength, fell down got back up, i fallen off, i climbed back on, i have lost loved ones, i gained loved ones, i have been there, and i have done that, i have bought, i have sold, all of this and still i continue to repeat every day.....it will never stop. i won't leave my room until i have conquered...but i understand the reality of it will never be conquered....so i will just get pissed off enough and probably burn my house down...

yet will its all gone, my fight is over, my enemy is dead...i will miss it, i will miss the days of work, enjoyment, happy times, sad times, and of course..there are the few times of me relaxing enough to enjoy the music in between all of what i wrote above.

i really think i keep the speaker rig going just to piss my self off...hahah
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Originally Posted by humanflyz View Post
The point of upgrading, at least in my view, is to get a more direct connection the music. To that end, each upgrade I've made has brought me closer to my music. Case in point: my SACD player just got in today, and I'm hearing new things in my well-worn Mozart's Requiem that I haven't heard before. So when you come to a point where upgrading no longer brings about that feeling of ever-greater connection with the music, I'd say it's time to stop. But until then, keep plugging away.
Agreed. I just found my endpoint for portable audio with the iAudio, Hornet and ER4S. Simply fell in love with the sound signiture and I have stopped looking since.

I assume my quest for my home setups will end some day too. But until then, like flyz said, every upgrade let's me hear more of the recording.
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