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there are many programs available or also via online aplications
use google; *download from youtube* and you will find a bunch of it
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Originally Posted by krmathis View Post
Please tell me how to download that one.
It plays in the browser (flash), but I want a local file I am able to stream to my headphones...
I extracted the MP3 audio track from the FLV (of course non-destructively, without re-encoding), here you go: holoball ld01 800x450.mp3
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^ Thanks a lot!
I did google *download from youtube*, but found no website/tool that accepted the holophonicballexperiment.com link...
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new stuff

Binaural Airwaves
they have quite a lot of binaural recordings, you can listen to them online
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oh great! the algorithm used to make the "virtual haircut" has been phased out...and asking for FLAC yielded this reply:
On 12/10/09, Anne ***** <****@starkey.com> wrote:
> Dear leeperry,
> Thank you for your e-mail regarding the Cetera algorithm.
> The Cetera product has been discontinued for a number of years.
> Unfortunately, we and are no longer supporting the Cetera algorithm or the
> virtual haircut demo so we won't be able to convert it to another format.
> Sincerely,
> Anne ****
> Consumer Relations
anyway, check this one out! totally mind-blowing thunder/rain binaural goodness: RapidShare: thunder.mp3
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Hey guys, don't know if it is mentioned in here, Pearl Jam has an album that is called Binaural, and they used this recording technique on some of the tracks, I heard Nothing As It Seems and is quite a good recording, give it a try!
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Binaural bliss « fotofono

About 90 minutes of minimalist electronic/acoustic improv, haven't listened to much of it yet but I thought it might be of interest here. Free download in lossless or 320k mp3.

Thanks to the nature of avant-garde music I'm a little unclear on how much of the first couple of minutes is "music" and how much is setting up the binaural mics... it gets more interesting (to me) after that.
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YouTube - Sneeuwlandschap Losser, Twente
-OMG, what a masterpiece,
best in dark with sreen turned off
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Here's a few of mine...

Here's a few binaural recordings I've made over the last years:

Index of /audio/binaural

There's also a short text file with descriptions of the various takes.

Most recordings were made using OKM ear mics, a few others also with a lesser known model from Germany, the Ohrwurm (earworm) mics.

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the archive.org recordings are NOT binaural..


they are ORTF. big difference.


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I just posted some here:




I will be recording some more stuff soon so check back from time to time.

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Check this out


Holophonic experience with AXE girls




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